Message - Born in Boston, my first five years were spent living at my Grandparents'spacious home with three sets of cousins. We would run and sneak into my grandparents' enormous basement design studio to peek at the beautiful garments and hand embroidered bead work they made, loving nothing better than to watch them create from almost nothing - pure magic to young eyes. I too wanted to create that magic, capture moments. Years later I discovered my inheritance; the creative drive of my Grandparents; nurtured by the wonder, freedom and love of my earliest years with them.


With over 3 decades of design & wax-carving experience, Carj`an has combined her years of design, artistry and jewelery with those of spiritual science and experiences, (G.G., Ct D., H.H.P., PhD).

Her source of inspiration ranges from the Celestial Heavens and the Spirit Realms to the wonders of Mother Earth.

Embracing her heritage, Carj`an has translated and integrated energies on a personal level of healing, balance and harmony. Co-creating through inspiration, symbols, gems and metals, designs emerge to celebrate the uniqueness of the individual, YOU!

Creations ~ Classical Collection, Limited Edition and Designer Signature.

(no two pieces are identical, numbered pieces on availability)

From deep study to experiential development, with the common theme of beauty and healing, ranging in the areas from gemology and gemology design, photography,

custom design and stylized fashion accessories, to interior design and designscape.

As a designer by nature, she blends these endeavors into the wider scope - photo shoot art director, stylized marketing, and commercial gala events & fundraisers.

" Commissioning for special events, organizations & fund raisers, has always been my privilege."

Consulting, Commissioning Inquires, Projects and Special Events ~ Welcomed.

Another major area of focus is merging body, mind, spirit as a Holistic Health Practitioner.

Fitness/Trainer - over 40 yrs, 50k+ sessions

Los Angeles / Boston

H.H.P. ~ Private Pilates Studio owner. Fitness Consultant, Personal Training Director, Private Trainer. Fitness Programs Director, post rehab, cross training, yoga, body sculpting, aerobics, senior fit and many components of each area of study.

P.H.D. Spiritual Science, Holistic healing studies and experiences focus in Reiki healing, Native American spirituality, Sufi spirituality, and Qi Gong healing.

Metaphysics - Crystal energies, G.I.A.Graduate Gemologist, G.G., Reiki Master, Reiki Master Teacher, Qigong, Sufi Teacher, Carj`an's Method Energetics | Teacher/student 25+yrs w/ Adnan Sarhan, Bloodline Sufi Master | Student 2+ yrs w/ Master Mingtong Gu

~ It is my desire that you are all supernaturally Blessed in your lives.

We are ALL created from Divine Love. Celebrate in the fullness of your creation in

*Light *Love *Gratitude ~ always

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