Holistic Health Practitioner ~ Ca`ryna Bowman aka Mango Sorbet`

Fitness/Trainer - over 40 yrs, 50k+ sessions

H.H.P. ~ Private Pilates Studio owner. Fitness Consultant, Personal Training Director, Private Trainer. Fitness Programs Director, post rehab, cross training, yoga, body sculpting, aerobics, senior fit and many components of each area of study.

Metaphysics - Crystal energies, G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist, G.G. Spiritual Science, PhD., Reiki Master Teacher, Qigong, Sufi.

Teacher/student 25+yrs with Adnan Sarhan

Student 2+ yrs with Mingtong Gu

Consulting, Commissioning Inquires, Projects and Special Events ~ Welcomed

Meditative Movement Energetics - Introductory & advanced workshops offered are a culmination of lifetime studies & ongoing training of timeless techniques. Movement methods, creating a balance to release stresses while having fun. Addressing your physical & subtle bodies thru breath work, meditation, movements (active & observational), sound (chants), veil play, visualization, developing a higher intelligence of the heart, integrating life force energy for self healing and others. Hawaiian Healing knowledge of traditional heritage techniques is offered in the third tier of workshops. Increase your energy, health, happiness and creativity ~

only prerequisite: respecting the space & one another.

Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a blanket (pillow optional).

Meditative Movement Series

Movement Energetics Calendar

Wisdom Healing Qigong ~ Master Mingtong Gu

"Ki"/"Qi" (chi) - life force "gong" - cultivated skill thru practice.

DVDs&CDs-workbooks / Workshops / Retreats / Online Courses

Health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention.

Sufi Foundation of America ~ Master Adnan Sarhan

"Sufi" - purity, to purify / "Sufism" - science of Spirit

Intensive Workshops Int'l. / Summer Camp Retreats

Pasted down from bloodline timeless techniques presented in format of Adnan's "Rapid Method".

Nahari Silks ~ Tamsin Murray

Beautifully hand dyed china silk veils and skirts for inspiring dance & play.

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