Veil Play





just a few of the many benefits you can experience

"Veil Play"

It's origin is based in ancient Middle Eastern Dance (not to be confused with Westerns' concept of belly dance). From a physical dance to the spiritual reflection. A mystical and spiritual dance that enables the dancer to go deeper into the connection of self to Higher Self, to God connection. It is said that there are a thousand veils between us and God and with every movement of the veil, one of those thousand veils that separates us is removed. As we dance, lifting our spirit, we become closer and closer to God. In the performance of the dancer, this experience can be magically, mystically shared with their audience just through the participation of observation from the audience. The dancer becoming the purity of the dance will be lifted out of the ordinary physical into the profound, creating a state of genuine tranquil calming peacefulness that warms the observers' heart, a deeper "intelligence of the heart" connection.

Studying for over 25 years, performing and providing workshops throughout the years, working with various scenarios of clients' needs has given me much insight as to how the expectation of what we think of as "dance" can be approached just as "play", and what that does for our betterment thru FUN!

For Men and Women alike - the veil, with very little instruction , can begin to become an extension of your physical body. In that extension becomes expansion of self. Limited range of motion opens up for the body to become more free in the physical, creating a "relief".

The mind starts to quiet down. All that "chatter" starts to slow, lift. In the quietness you start to feel a stillness, a peacefulness - stresses start to leave your body. You start to play - a freedom we don't often give ourselves.

Watching the veils move thru the air, the space takes you out of the "strains" in your body - it becomes meditative, even though you are active. When you are sitting, resting, watching, noticing the veils floating, the experience becomes a passive meditation.

"Veil Play" is both kinds of participation, observing and moving meditations (active & passive) -

~ lowers your heart rate, stops the tiring mindless chatter, lifts the sense of heaviness, allows a lightness in your body & your spirit ~ experience a youthfulness!

And if you choose ~ Veil Play can provide a vehicle to become more connected to Life Force Energy, the fuel of the Universe, Creative Force, The Divine - however you perceive what is greater than yourself beyond the tangible. That what guides you to a more fulfilling Life. *Breathe *Notice *Awaken

I invite you to join in to experience for yourself the benefits while having FUN thru VEIL PLAY.

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