Cynthia Aracena

Cynthia Aracena is a self-published author who began writing stories at the age of fifteen. She thought her stories were good for her own entertainment, but she never thought they were good enough for anyone else to take interest in them. One day, some twenty years later a good friend told her she would like to read one of her stories, and she thought; sure why not. So she let her read the story. Her friend was so excited and into the story line, she recommended that she let two others read the story. She said, "if they like the story, I want you to publish it." So she let two others read her manuscript, and the feedback was the same. "You should publish this" they all said, and so she did. On December 28th 2012 Cynthia Aracena would publish her first book as a self-published author titled A New Broom Sweeps Good. In 2014 she published her second book titled In A Haitian Woman’s Skin, in English and in Spanish. In September of 2015 she published her first book series called The War for A Soul; book one of the series The Curse of The Demon. In the Fall of 2016 she published the first book of a Spanish mini series called El Bendito Viernes Santo.

When asked why she loves to write she says “Writing is my passion and is something that just comes natural to me. Everyone has a story to be told, we all day dream and fantasize about something. I like to live my fantasies through stories it is the only time, that I can forget about the world and make my dreams a reality. If I can move one person, make them smile, laugh, or cry by reading my stories then it was all worth it.”

Cynthia is currently working on her next book titled She killed Stephanie.