Capital Area Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Proudly Serving the Capital Area of New Hampshire


See Concord Monitor, (June 19, 2023, page 1) article "Granite Geek: If all else fails, there’s amateur radio".

“When all else fails … Amateur Radio works.”  From the earliest days of amateur radio, ‘ham’ operators have offered their expertise and time to provide communications in emergencies.  In fact, an important rationale for our operating privileges is to provide such service.  We use our own equipment to support first responders when ‘all else fails.’  In our service area, we also provide communications support to public service events such as Pedaling for Payson, Girls On The Run, and National Night Out.

On a weekly basis, we practice procedures for communicating in emergencies with scheduled voice and data communications.  On Monday evenings, we meet ‘on air’ in a directed voice net and practice exchanging formal, standardized messages (or ‘traffic’).  On Wednesday evenings, we practice exchanging messages and images using digital techniques.  On Wednesdays throughout the day, we also practice sending and receiving e-mails via radio without using the Internet.

If you are already a licensed Amateur Radio operator, you are welcome to participate in our preparations for providing communications in emergencies.  Our website is a work in progress, where we bring together and share information about the tools and techniques to support emergency communications (‘emcomm’).  We invite ideas and suggestions, which you can send to the web manager,

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Notes From the Web Manager

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