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The purpose of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) for Special Education (SpEd) is to advocate for effective Special Education programs and services, and advise the Board of Education on priorities in the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA). The State Education Code mandates that each SELPA must have a CAC and that a majority of CAC members be parents.


Our members are dedicated families, educators and community members of San Francisco.

We ask that members:

  • Attend at least 7 meetings a year

  • Support with at least one outreach event

  • Communicate with board members when they cannot attend meetings.

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FEB 25, 2020 at 6PM

Please join us for our monthly CAC meeting. The topic will be on Math Interventions.


For the full agenda and additional information visit our upcoming meeting webpage. Please register in advance.


Meetings hosted on zoom until further notice. Login information will be emailed directly to participants.

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The CAC stands in solidarity with the AAPAC & Lowell BSU

The Community Advisory Committee for Special Education stands in solidarity with the AAPAC and fellow Advisory leaders to condemn the racist and antisemitic acts that occurred at Lowell High School on January 20. The response has not been satisfactory and we stand behind the actions and calls to action of the Lowell Black Student Union.

We need to call out racism when we see it for the cancer that it is and immediately address and take concrete steps to heal the damage it causes. Admitting its prevalence within our own schools is difficult, but is a necessary part of the healing process. Bringing these actions into the light and holding those accountable must be part of the process we now follow.

This hatred, these actions, this behavior has no place in our schools. Our goal and responsibility and all the work we do each and every day is for our students to thrive. Instead, they have been harmed.

We call for a District action plan at each school site with clear steps on how they will meet these needs and heal this mental abuse. Our students and families deserve to know, in real time, how the District will be there for them every step of the way to support their social and emotional recovery.

We stand in solidarity with the AAPAC in their calls to begin to honor the demands made during the Lowell Black Student Union’s 2016 walkout. Those demands are as relevant and urgent today as they were five years ago. Has any progress been made? The CAC leadership team echoes the call for more staff diversity, more diverse curricula, cultural sensitivity training for ALL district staff, zero tolerance policies, and safe spaces for our students.

We call on our district leaders to be agents of change for racial and religious justice. It is easy to assume that the heinous acts were perpetrated by outside hackers, but the stark reality faced by our students is that racism and antisemitism exists at Lowell and other schools within SFUSD. The students and families of SFUSD demand - and deserve - for social justice to become a reality rather than a talking point on an SFUSD “Core Values” poster. Every student deserves to feel safe and to thrive in our schools.

The CAC would also like to recognize and appreciate the leadership of the Lowell Black Student Union as well as Student Delegates Kathya Correa Almanza and Shavonne Hines-Foster. We acknowledge and appreciate your excellent leadership, your continued advocacy, and the impact of your strength as you continue to tell truth to power. The work you are doing is not easy. Commissioners Correa Almanza and Hines-Foster, you are inspiring not only your fellow students, but plenty of us adults, too. Kudos to you for setting the example that many of us adults should be.

OUR PRIORITIES for 2020-2021:

  1. Focus on institutional racism, systemic bias and equity in special education.

  2. Provide social emotional supports that address all students mental health needs post Covid19.

  3. Increase distance learning professional development and collaboration for general education and special education staff.

  4. Strengthen evidence based academic interventions for literacy and math.


CAC Spring 2020 Board Report FINAL.pdf
CAC Fall 2020 Report to BOE.pdf

If you missed our Fall presentation to the SFUSD Board of Education, you can watch the recording below. The presentation slides (above) can be viewed and downloaded.

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