City of Bartlesville

CIP & GO Bond Election

August 25 Elections

Voters to decide funding for proposed projects

Bartlesville voters are set to decide the outcome of two City elections on August 25, 2020 that will determine funding for capital projects for the next several years.

The City will hold a General Obligation (GO) Bond Election and seek an extension of the existing half-cent Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) sales tax on Election Day. Approval of the measures will result in funding for the city's capital projects over the next several years — without increasing taxes for Bartlesville residents.

"Capital project funding is limited for municipalities to General Obligation Bond funds and sales tax that is specifically allocated by voters for that purpose," said City Manager Mike Bailey. "Voters will decide funding for nearly $30 million in projects between these two elections, the outcome of which will determine how we proceed in the future and which projects we're able to fund."

No tax increase

It's important to note, Bailey said, that approval of both measures will not result in tax increases for residents.

"The City's mil levy will remain at 15 as existing bonds expire so there is no tax increase associated with the G.O. Bond proposal, and approval of the half-cent CIP sales tax would simply extend the existing tax for another five years," he said, noting that without approval the half-cent CIP sales tax will expire June 30, 2021.

Projects proposed for both the G.O. Bond Issue and the CIP extension primarily include improvements and maintenance to existing facilities and infrastructure.

"There really aren't any new projects included in either proposal," Bailey said. "The City Council ultimately selected projects that build on the services and amenities we already have, including much needed equipment for public safety, improvements to the roads and parking lots in our City parks, multiple street projects, bridge repairs and general equipment upgrades. We believe these are projects that will help move our community forward and allow us to continue building a better Bartlesville. We encourage everyone to vote."

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