Rubric Online Course


Welcome to the TQI accredited Rubrics online course. This course will guide you through three activities relating to the writing of quality rubrics. You will need to submit your responses for each of the three activities if you are in the ACT and wish to be accredited with the TQI 3 hours, or receive a certificate of participation if you are overseas.

Activity 1: requires using 6 rubrics to judge some artwork

Activity 2: requires you to look at the assessment samples online in your subject area and judge the effectiveness of the rubrics

Activity 3: requires you to reflect on your own rubrics

Once you have worked through the information and the 3 activities, email: to indicate that you have finished the course.

At the end of each page is a NEXT button which will take you to the next piece of information or to the next activity.


Rubrics are important for highlighting to students how their assessments will be marked and what features the teacher is rewarding. They allow for a level playing field when assessment occurs. However, they can also be problematic. Sometimes the wording is vague or the rubric appears to reward effort rather than quality of work produced.

What makes a good rubric?

How can students understand what they are being asked to do?


The workshop will be split into the following areas:

  • Activity 1: using a range of rubrics and evaluating their use

  • Achievement Standards and rubrics

  • Features of robust rubrics and Professor Griffin's criteria

  • The importance of the revised Bloom's taxonomy and learning progressions

  • Activity 2: looking at rubrics in your subject area

  • General Capabilities and their role in assessment

  • Activity 3: designing your rubrics

  • Feedback, work samples and Dylan Wiliams

  • Conclusion