Lettering / Strokes

Deceit warning

Putting this piece together was great fun. Cheating was involved. More strokes are usually needed to make these lettershapes.

Strokes (dead simple .gif animation)

Capitals, one step at a time

In 2008 Alexey Shaburov mounted a lavish calligraphy exhibition in St Petersburg, followed by a request for video clips from the contributors. This is what I sent him. If you have the bandwidth, it can be seen in higher resolution at this YouTube address <>

The characters are introduced in a sequence from simple shapes to complex rather than in alphabetical order. They are divided by color into three groups. The yellow letters are made of horizontal and vertical lines. The red also have diagonals. The blue letters have curves as well.

A three minute animated piece shows how they are assembled, one stroke at a time, and what can be done with them afterwards.