Print your own exercise sheets

Handwriting / Print your own exercise sheets

Text and images: easy assembly

In addition to your text, you need two items. One is a typeface, designed as a handwriting model. The other is software that adds joins to your text. You can download both from this page, free of charge. Pictures are optional but highly recommended.

What you need, for Macintosh, Windows or Linux

The approach works with simple text editors. Also with word processors: Open Office (free), Microsoft Word and Apple Pages (usually bundled). And with desktop-publishing layout software: Scribus, Lucidpress, Vivadesigner (free) or inDesign and Quark Xpress (commercial).

Free download. Please help yourself

Create your own handwriting exercises in a free italic model alphabet on your computer. Add joins with free Java software. Fetch them here.

Without charge

Use the software. And give it away—free of charge—to anybody who wants it. But neither you nor anybody else may sell them or distribute them for a fee.

Download (48 K)

(By doing so, you agree to the following TERMS OF LICENSE, and to the Gnu Public License for open source Java.)

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Want to try the gorilla grip?

Typefaces can include character slots that are not available from the keyboard. That’s where we keep the joins. An ingenious piece of software inserts them where they belong in your text.

Sensible investment

A simple grip that slides on a standard pen or pencil is inexpensive. It can make a big difference.

Plan B: a changed grip

A tense thumb is a major cause of writing cramp. In the absence of reliable numbers, at least four out of five cases is a plausible estimate. Fortunately there are several ways of holding a pen. Here are four.

Popular solution

Many people simply slip the pen between the index and middle finger at the first signs of discomfort. Some hold it that way all the time.

Shift the thumb

The thumb can also be moved up the shaft of the pen until it points at the first joint of the index finger or touches it. This stops many people from gripping harder.

Variation on a theme

Sticking the hooked thumb under the index finger gives a tight grip. After a while the position of the middle finger may need adjustment.

Extreme case

If other remedies fail, try taping a pen to the index finger. Masking tape (also called painters’ tape) is easier to get off afterwards than the cellophane kind.

Of course this method won’t do for long. But at this stage, tension and despair are often more difficult to deal with than the grip itself. It should feel like a game rather than punishment.

Children who suffer this kind of stress may need medical help.