The Brain and Behavior Laboratory

Welcome to the BBL

The Brain and Behaviour Lab (BBL) is home to CUHK psychology staff and students with an interest in the brain and its role for human and non-human animal behavior. Research focuses on a range of functions relevant to interpersonal interactions including timing, interpersonal communication, decision making, music, emotions and memory. These are explored using functional neuroimaging techniques such as electroencephalography (EEG), optical imaging (fNIRS/EROS), and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Additional insight are sought through assessing autonomic (e.g., heart rate) and hormonal markers (e.g., estrogen) as well as subject/participant behavior (e.g., accuracy/reaction times).

If you are interested in joining our lab as a participant or volunteer research assistant, please contact Annett Schirmer ( or Trevor Penney (, or call the laboratory phone number 39434247.