5774-06 Operation Protective Edge

On Sunday, Erev Rosh Chodesh Av, the Rebbe shlit"a went to the visit the soldiers near the battlefront at the army bases of Yiftach and Zikim, just north of Azah strip.

The Rebbe shlit"a looking over the border into Azah

Make no mistake, that Jews from all backgrounds are fighting on the front lines

The Rebbe talked to the soldiers and spoke words of encouragement, singing along with them the song "Ein K'Lokeinu" with a melody he composed. The soldiers were very surprised by this visit from a ultra-orthodox Rebbe and expressed great appreciation for his visit.

The Rebbe inspected the living quarters of soldiers on the Azah border

The Rebbe blessed the soldiers that should return home soon, safe and sound. In addition, the Rebbe went around asking the soldiers their Jewish names and the names of their mothers, in order to attach them to Eleph L'Mateh project spreadsheet, in order that their fellow Jews can pray on their behalf.