D Lake of Constance

2013.08.04 - .09

2013.08.04 D Lake of Constance sailing

Sailing from 2013-08-04 - 2013-08-09 with my kids and sister . I charterd a BAVARIA 32 at lake of constance / Meeresburg . So we stayed first night in the Mainaubucht ( Bay), then in the harbour of Rorschach ( Switzerland) After three sunny and hot days ~ 31 C , we had in the evening a thunderstorm in front of Lindau, but i safely fixed the boat with my crew in the harbour - hard work !!! . Next day sunny and cloudy, but strong wind ~ 6 knots . We arrived in Langenargen, next day back to Meersburg - rainiy and windy. Last day we stayed in Meersburg because of hard rain.

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