NAM Etosha NP


Capetown - Fishriver Canyon Ai-Ais - Windhoek - Etosha Park - Brandberg - Skeleton Coast - Swakopmund - Namib Desert - Port Nolloth - Lamberts Bay - Paternoster - Cape Town ~ 5600 km

Description of my second Southern Africa Trip 07.11.- 04.12.2007. I started from my friends in Capetown direction to Springbock . Then i went over sandy and gravel pists to Namibia Ai- Ais Fish River Canyon, Grünau, Seeheim to Windhhoek. From Otjiwarango, Outjo, to the Etosha NP Halali. After a great trip through the Etosha NP i drove over Khoraxis to Brandberg Skeleton Coast. Then down the Atlanic Coast to Swakopmund. From Sussosvlei i made a walk into the dessert - it was very hot .... up to 46 Degrees ..... the next days i went down from Port Nolloth along the coast over gravel and sandpists to Capetown.

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