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1999.11.20 - .12.03 The Mexican Yucatan Peninsula @ Barcelo Maya Beach Resort ....

i did the historical trip in Chichen Itza, Coba, Tulum and Xel-Ha .... Coba is located 90 Kms from Chichen Itza and 40 kilometers from Tulum. I visited this historical mayan city full of temples, one of the oldest of the time, the temple "Nohoch Mul", considered the highest pyramid of the peninsula with 42 meters high and 152 steps.

In Tulum, I admired the restored temples within the "walled city", the ancient port and ceremonial center, the only Mayan archaeological site built on the shores of the sea with a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea.

To complete i visited Xel-Ha fantastic snorkeling and swimming.

with the ferry to cozumel ... diving down the reef 40 m ...

Cozumel is a mecca for divers from around the world. Home to some of the healthiest sections of reef along the Meso-American reef system, the island is basically an underwater playground. This massive reef system sits just off shore only a couple hundred meters and in some places almost touches the beaches.

Diving in Dos Ojos Cenote .... two dives in several caves .... fantastic .... with

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