LS Sani Pass

ZA Sodwana Bay - LS Sani Pass 08.01. - 07.02.2012

ZA - Sodwana Bay - Lesotho 8.1. - 7.2.2012

South Africa Cape Town 10.1. - 7.2.2012

As usual my old friend Claus picks me up at the airport. The first days we checked my BMW GS 650 Dakar. Claus has well done mechanic service …. as usual …. the master blaster of motobikes ;-)

I tried to solve my problems with instrumental panel .... somtimes contact spray helps …. that damned plugs ! After waiting for main stand and organizing …...oh, i have forgotten .....drinking some beers in the sun on the beach, having dinner ( Sushi with Sue and Claus …..this and that ), i started my trip...

CapeTown ~ 10:00 Thursday 12.1. ….first direction Worcester, very hot on bike over 40 C in the sun … Barrydale , Lemonshoek, Herbertsdale, Wilderness ( Arbos Guesthouse ☺) ~ 488 km .

Wilderness ~ 9:30 Friday 13.1. ….... hot ~ 27 C high into the mountains, Karatara, Hamtintipass, Phantompass, ….xy-pass small gravel and dust road through the djungel …. very cool nature, no humans and vehicels … down to Knysna Fuel Stop ! And back R339 over gravel and dust through fantastic , lonesome nature … Prince Alfreds Pass, Uniondale, Willamore, Swanepoolspoort, Klipplaat, Soutpansnek, Pearston, Swaershoekpass … late in the evening after top of the pass, a f**king, damned nail get bored in my backtyre i tried with repair set but i didn´t find the nail …. and arrived two hours later in the dark Cradock. Some friendly security men organized me an overnight stay ( Shalom Lodge ) and tyre repair for the next day.

Cradock ~ 8:00 Saturday 14.1. to HI-Q for repair ( new tube ) … sunny 28 C starting ~ 10:00 to Tarkastad … cloudy , R61 Queenstown R359, new R410 up and down into the Highlands, over 1800 m … cold 14 C rainy, foggy … can´t see somtimes my hands in front of my eyes ….. blind flight ...went slower . Calapass, Maclear, Tsolo, N2, Kokstad, Ixopo R612 to Scottburgh at 20:00 checked in Blue Marlin Hotel …..

Scottburgh ~ 10:00 Sunday 15.1. on the way St.Lucia arrival around 14:00 hot ….. first - put in beer and calamari salad , then relaxing on the lodge pool .....

St.Lucia ~ 9:00 Monday 16.1. shit wether - tropical rain …. making calls getting rear tyre for BMW Dakar … found a workshop in RichardsBay 80 km to drive back raining cats and dogs …......

Sodwana Bay 17. - 21.1 Thu – Sat ( ) arrived at 2:00 pm and checked in at Corral Divers ( ) went out with 7.2 meter (21 foot) semi-rigid inflatables with twin outboard motors ( jumping over the waves, crazy rides …) to 9 miles and twice 2 miles reef …. 1a diving location , water 26 C, sunny , hot.... meet some funny poeple there.... "gluggg gluggg gllugg" greet experience was the turtle view by night....

Richards Bay 21.1. Now the shit ... get flat tyre again on my way to Lesotho .... fixed a new tyre today

22.1. Schoko Vodka in pool Woodpecker Inn Lodge; 23.1 in Richards Bay ... hopefully reach tomorrow Sani Pass up to 2800m :-) ....after some hours at pool, with Allen on waterfront for dinner and beer ;-)

Richards Bay 24.1. ~ 9:00 sunny, Empangini, Eshowe rainy, foggy and hard winds up to 1700 m . Pass to Kranskoop muddy, slippery drop down the BMW one left indicator is broken. …..f**k ….

Mooiriver, dry again but cloudy …. Drakensberg ( ) in sight …. amazing mountains and nature … Rosetta, gravel, mud and flooded bridge ….. full concentration !!! …. don`t lie down again …. this 50 km called the Nottingham Road ….crazy drive in the nature … arrival at Himville ~ 16:00 …. meet Ed, the Dutch motocrosser ….. shower and beer... Internet

Himville Arms Backpackers 25.1. - adjusting chain ~ 9:30 departure... cloudy... after ~ 12 kmto Sani Pass ….wet, muddy, slippery gravel good goinguntil SA Border , but then no road !!! only stony, muddy path straight up somtimes so heavy and then steil stoneplate slippery dropped down … f**k but only one more indicator blown away , right knee is a little bit damaged ! repairing 20 min right panier where my leg was lying under ! Foggy , wet, slippery crazy turns ...and straigt up to pass arrival ~ 12:30 Lesotho Border ( 30 Rand for motorbike) short stop regenerate me ….. always foggy get on another 10 km then sunny and an amazing nature , exciting but poor people …. hotter.... and up and down the passes direction Mokhotlong, but i went left A3, somtimes the path is flooded away and extremly difficult, dangerous to drive big stones are lying on the path …. the difficultest ride i ever have done … but always this fascinating nature between 1600 and 3200 m , took photos and photos ~ 7:00 pm i reach Thaba-Tseka after 193 km…. shower Coffe, Water, writing sleeping

26.1. Thaba-Tseka ~ 4:30 am rooster crows ... gggrrrrrrrrr ....... ~ 9:00 starting machine gravel, tarred, gravel, flooded away, tarred........up and down again till 20 km before Maseru, in the capital city taking a coffe. A2 Mafateng, Mohales Hoek,buy fresh fruits on the market... arrived at ~ 4:00 pm in Moyeni (Outhing) looking there for the dino footprints but is closed !

27.1. Moeyni ~ 8:30 am went to dino footprints and took there fotos ! After that gravel pist to Telle Bridge crossed there the border back to SA, Klerkspruit breakfeast at 10:00 am, R58 Aliwal North over gravel pist to Bethulie petrol stop, further to Gariep Dam, spent two nights on camping site „Forever Resorts“ – relaxing in the pool, reading,…. to hot....

29.1. Gariep Dam ~ 8:45 am very hot sunny, Colesberg over Gravel pist to Philipstown, DeAar, Britstown, Vosburg, Carnavon, …. over 40 C ….Loxton, Fraserburg, Petrol Station closed also in Sutherland a guy told me, so i went over R353 grandios Teekloof Pass to Leeu Gamka Petrol station. Then along N1 to Worcester ~ 7:00 pm the heat kills me … check in at Church Lodge … jumping in the pool …..........

30.1. Worcester ~ 9:00 over Touitskloofpass , Paarl Capetown Killarney …..

01.02 Simons Town ~ 10:30 am – Millers Point Pyramid Rock. Diving with Piet and Pisces Divers . Off shore dive through the kelp , amazing , mystery to dive there … visibility ~ 7 m, first seven gill cowsharks arround us, then a hughe short tail ray over me ...... after 200 bar used, swimming back through the kelp - on shore ….. hard work ;-)

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