Binghamton Ballroom Dance Association

The Binghamton Ballroom Dance Team with our first place trophy at the D.C. Dance Inferno 2019!


We are the premier ballroom dance team at Binghamton University. Our goal is to introduce the world of ballroom dancing to the Binghamton community. Bearcats Dancesport represents Binghamton University at regional and national ballroom dance competitions at the intercollegiate and amateur levels. In addition, we provide instructional classes, host social dances, perform showcases, and prepare Binghamton dancers for social and competitive dance. It's a lifelong skill, so come out and dance! Binghamton University SA chartered.


The Binghamton Ballroom Dance Association has two parts: Our Club and Our Team. Both parts offer great opportunities for anyone who wants to learn how to ballroom dance! The club is more casual, with lessons each week that are free and open to the public, while the team is competitive and has tryouts at the beginning of each semester.

No experience, dance partner, or dance shoes necessary!

What to Bring for the Club or the Team:

  • Sneakers or dance shoes (if you have them)
  • Clothes you can move in
  • A positive attitude and a smile! :)

Yes!! That's really all you need to get started dancing with us!

The Club

Club is a great place to learn how to ballroom dance while meeting new people! It's our more casual alternative to our competitive team. Each week our team members will teach you two ballroom dances...

The Team

The team is the more competitive component of the Association. Tryouts for the team are held at the beginning of each semester. Team members are required to practice six hours per week and attend two competitions each semester. Learning to dance is hard work, but it's all while having fun, making great friends, and learning something new...