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Management and Marketing Journal Articles

  1. Simulating macro-level effects from micro-level observations”, Ned Smith and William Rand, in press at Management Science.
  2. “Consumer Connectivity in a Complex, Technology-Enabled, and Mobile-Oriented World with Smart Products.” Peter C. Verhoef, Andrew T. Stephen, PK Kannan, Xueming Luo, Vibhanshu Abhishek, Michelle Andrews, Yakov Bart, Hannes Datta, Nathan M. Fong, Donna L. Hoffman, Mandy Hu, Thomas P. Novak, William Rand, and Yuchi Zhang, in press at Journal of Interactive Marketing.
  3. Building Agent-Based Decision Support Systems for Word-Of-Mouth Programs. A Freemium Application”, Manuel Chica and William Rand, Journal of Marketing Research October 2017, Vol. 54, No. 5, pp. 752-767.
  4. Evaluating Information Diffusion Speed and its Determinants in Social Media Networks during Humanitarian Crises”, Eunae Yoo, William Rand, Mahyar Eftekhar, and Elliot Rabinovich, Journal of Operations Management, July 2016, 45, pp. 123-133.
  5. Brand Buzz in the Echoverse", Kelly Hewett, William Rand, Roland Rust, and Harald van Heerde, Journal of Marketing, May 2016, 80(3), pp. 1-24. 2017 MSI/H. Paul Root Award finalist.
  6. Understanding the Complexity of Project Team Member Selection through Agent-Based Modeling”, Shu-Chien Hsu, Kai-Wei Weng, Qingbin Cui, and William Rand. International Journal of Project Management, 2016, 34 (1), pp. 82-93.
  7. Improving Prelaunch Diffusion Forecasts: Using Synthetic Networks as Simulated Priors”, Michael Trusov, William Rand, and Yogesh Joshi, Journal of Marketing Research, December 2013, Vol. 50, No. 6, pp. 675-690.
  8. Media, Aggregators and the Link Economy: Strategic Hyperlink Formation in Content Networks”, Chris Dellarocas, Zsolt Katona, and William Rand, Management Science, 2013, 59(10), 2360-2379.
  9. Agent-Based Modeling in Marketing: Guidelines for Rigor”, William Rand and Roland Rust, International Journal of Research in Marketing, September 2011, Vol. 28, No. 3, pp. 181-193.

Agent-Based Modeling Journal Articles

  1. An Agent-Based Model of Urgent Diffusion in Social Media” William Rand, Jeffrey Herrmann, Brandon Schein and Neža Vodopivec, Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 2015, 18 (2) 1
  2. The Problem with Zoning: Nonlinear Effects of Interactions between Location Preferences and Externalities on Land Use and Utility” Moira L. Zellner, Rick L. Riolo, William Rand, Daniel G. Brown, and Scott E. Page, Environment and Planning B, June 2010, 37, pp. 408-428.
  3. Design Guidelines for Agent Based Model Visualization” Daniel Kornhauser, Uri Wilensky, and William Rand, Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 2009, 12(2),
  4. The Emergence of Zoning Policy Games in Exurban Jurisdictions: Informing Collective Action Theory" Moira L. Zellner, Scott E. Page, William Rand, Daniel G. Brown, Derek T. Robinson, Joan Nassauer, and Bobbi Low, Land Use Policy, April 2009, 26(2): 356-67.
  5. Reciprocity Between the Cerebellum and the Cerebral Cortex: Nonlinear Dynamics in Microscopic Modules” Jun Wang, Gregory Dam, Sule Yildirim, William Rand, Uri Wilensky and James C. Houk, Complexity, 2008, 14(2): 29-45 (cover article).
  6. Exurbia from the Bottom-Up: Confronting Empirical Challenges to Characterizing a Complex System" Daniel G. Brown, Derek T. Robinson, Li An, Joan I. Nassauer, Moira Zellner, William Rand, Rick Riolo, Scott E. Page, Bobbi Low, and Zhifang Wang Geoforum, 2008, 39(2):805-818.
  7. Making Models Match: Replicating an Agent-Based Model” Uri Wilensky and William Rand, Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 2007, 10(4)
  8. "Spatial Process and Data Models: Toward Integration of Agent-Based Models and GIS", Brown, D.G., North, M., Robinson, D., Riolo, R., Rand, W., Journal of Geographical Systems Special Issue on Space-Time Information Systems (Springer-Verlag), 2005, 7(1): 25-47.
  9. Path Dependence and the Validation of Agent-Based Spatial Models of Land Use”, D. G. Brown, S. E. Page, R. Riolo, M. Zellner, W. Rand, International Journal of Geographical Information Science (IJGIS) Special Issue on Land Use Dynamics (Taylor & Francis), 2005, 19(2): 153-174.
  10. Agent Based and Analytical Modelling to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Greenbelts”, Daniel G. Brown, Scott E. Page, Rick Riolo, and William Rand, Journal of Ecosystem Modelling and Software (Elsevier), December 2004, v19n12, p1065-1164.

Machine Learning and Data Science Journal Articles

  1. The Myopia of Crowds: Cognitive Load and Collective Evaluation of Answers on Stack Exchange”, Keith Burghardt, Emanuel Alsina, Michelle Girvan, William Rand, and Kristina Lerman, PLoS ONE, 2017, 12(3): e0173610.
  2. Competing Opinions and Stubbornness: Connecting Models to Data”, Keith Burghardt, William Rand, and Michelle Girvan, Physical Review E, March 2016, 93(3), pp. 032305-032319.
  3. Social Media Analysis for Higher Education”, Anamaria Berea, William Rand, Kevin Wittmer, and Gerard Wall, Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences, 2015, 101(3), pp. 63-72.
  4. The Shaky Ladder Hyperplane-Defined Functions and Classic Dynamic Problems” Abir Alharbi and William Rand, International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications (IJCIA), March 2010, 9(1): 33-48.
  5. Markov Models of Literary Style for Authorship Identification”, William Rand, Fluctuations and Noise Letters (World Scientific), December 2002, v2n4, p299-305.

Management and Marketing Journal Commentary

  1. The Simple Rules of a Complex World”, William Rand and Roland T. Rust, European Journal of Marketing 2016 50:3/4.

Teaching Notes

  1. “Search Engine of Optimization: Note for Marketing Managers”, Michael A. Stanko, William Rand, and David DeFranza 2017, Ivey Publishing.

Journal Papers Under Review

  1. “Complex Systems: Marketing’s New Frontier”, William Rand, Roland Rust, and Min Kim, revise and resubmit for Academy of Marketing Science Review
  2. “Is the Grass Greener? On the Strategic Implications of Moving Along the Value Chain for IT Service Providers”, Anand Gopal, Sabari Karmegan, Balaji Koka, and William Rand, revise and resubmit at Information Systems Research.

Journal Papers In Progress

  1. “Don’t Do It Right, Do It Fast? Speed and Quality of Innovation as an Emergent Process”, Ming-Hui Huang, Roland Rust, and William Rand, being revised for Management Science.
  2. “A Multi-Agent Approach for Modeling Market Response to Public Policies”, Rosanna Garcia, William Rand, and Sonja Gensler, being revised for International Journal of Research in Marketing.
  3. “How Social Media Can Improve Donation Campaigns”, Chen Wang, Shawn Mankad, and William Rand, being prepared for submission to Information Systems Research.
  4. “Who Will Become the Next Hub?: An Early Prediction Framework for Influential Users during Urgent Events”, Hechao Sun, Shawn Mankad, and William Rand, being prepared for submission to Journal of Marketing Research.
  5. “The Firm on Twitter: The Financial Market and Social Media User Reactions to Firm Social Media Participation” John Healey and William Rand, being revised for submission to Management Science.
  6. “CALC: A Linear Programming Method for Solving Large Scale Discrete Choice Problems”, David Anderson, Anna Devlin, and William Rand, being revised.
  7. “Can One Bad Apple Spoil the Bushel?: How ‘Market Value’ Can Increase Discrimination and Inequality Even When Most Firms Are Fair”, Ned Smith and William Rand, manuscript in preparation.
  8. “Crowdfunding Success and Social Media Activity – A Data-Driven Analysis”, Anamaria Berea, Brent Goldfarb, David Kirsch, and William Rand, manuscript in preparation.
  9. “Evidence of Stubbornness in Jury Deliberations”, Keith Burghardt, William Rand, and Michelle Girvan, manuscript in preparation for the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences.


  1. “Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling: Modeling natural, engineered, and social complex systems with NetLogo”, Uri Wilensky and William Rand, 2015, M.I.T. Press.

Book Chapters

  1. “Complex Systems: Concepts, Literature, Possibilities, and Limitations”, William Rand, 2015 in Modeling Complex Systems for Public Policies, Bernardo Alves Furtado, ed., pp. 37-54.
  2. “The Future of ABM in Marketing”, William Rand, 2013 in The Routledge Companion to the Future of Marketing, Luiz Moutinho, Enrique Bigne, Ajay K. Manrai, eds., pp. 379-392.
  3. “Business Applications and Research Questions Using Spatial Agent-Based Models”, William Rand, 2011 in Agent-Based Models for Geographical Systems, A. J. Heppenstall, A. T. Crooks, L. M. See, M. Batty, eds., pp. 463-480