Welcome to Big Sky Learning

Over the past 23 years Big Sky Learning has provided hundreds of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics) programs to tens of thousands of New Mexico students, teens, and teaching professionals. In 2018 we closed our summer camp Big Sky Build It! in order to better address a wider local and national need for effective hands-on learning strategies.

This year, The Santa Fe Children's Museum will provide winter, spring, and summer camps in collaboration with Big Sky Learning. We are thrilled to be working with the museum as we have long sought a well run educational space to take on programming so Big Sky can focus on the learning experience side of the equation.

This summer the Santa Fe Children's Museum will offer some of our favorite Big Sky Build It! projects - the classic Water Rocket, the Biosphere, and the Spinart Machine to name a few. The museum will also incorporate our online STEM instructional system, The Big Learning Machine into their camps. Visit https://santafechildrensmuseum.org to learn more and to register.