How to Plan a Reunion

**Remember this is a busy weekend in the City of Bath. Make all reservations as soon as possible. Many places require a deposit and you should get a signed contract.**

Mail your classmates a postcard every year, it will keep them informed and your mailing list updated. “Mailer” in the text below can refer to snail or email, but be sure you reach out to your classmates through multiple avenues to be sure you’re covering all the bases.

Class members: IF YOU DON’T HEAR FROM YOUR CLASS AGENT…CALL THEM! Chances are they are looking for you!

One Year Before: (or - as soon as you read this!)

Check with Wendy Connors at MHS to reserve the Alumni Room for a class meeting at the High School.

Send a notice of your meeting to the Times Record with the date, time, location and a list of missing classmates.

At the first meeting:

  • Discuss your budget. Based on the items below, set a price per person/guest.
  • Find a place to have your “after the banquet party” Suggestions: Elk’s Club, Senior Citizen’s, American Legion, Winter Street Church, Taste of Maine, Sebasco, Kennebec Tavern, Bath Golf Club, Montsweag Roadhouse. Be sure to get a written contract.
  • Decide on music (Live music, DJ, CD Random Shuffle) Book now.
  • Decide on a caterer and a menu (do it yourself, light fare, wait staff to pass hot/cold appetizers).
  • Hire a licensed bartender
  • Do you want to charge class dues? Do you want to make a class gift? (suggestions are posted at
  • Send a mailer (snail/email) to let your classmates to let them know what the plans are.
  • Create a Facebook group page for your classmates only. It’s a great way to keep folks updated. However - be sure to also reach out to non-FB classmates via email/mail/phone so they are in the loop.


Attend the fall meeting of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Assoc. Secretary will email all class agents and a notice will be published in the Times Record. These meetings are full of information relating to Alumni weekend plans. It is the class agents obligation to communicate this information with their classmates.


At this meeting of the Association, weekend plans are finalized and a sample mailer will be prepared for use by class agents.


Meet with your class and send another mailer with your class’ weekend plans and include the Association mailer. Consider an online “meeting” via Zoom or Google Hangouts to allow out-of-town classmates to participate. Be sure to include the fees you are planning to collect. Give out of town classmates plenty of time to make plans.


Send a mailer to your classmates outlining all of your plans with a breakdown of fees. Include a return envelope and a remittance slip with a check off list to help your treasurer keep track of where the money needs to go. SET A DEADLINE! Be flexible,however, there is a cut off for banquet tickets. Class agents are required to contact the Association Treasurer for in person banquet ticket sales. On-line and in person ticket sale deadlines are posted on the home page.


Attend the Association meeting to confirm all plans and last minute details. Call a class meeting to make sure you have included as many of your classmates as possible.


Alumni Weekend (always 2nd weekend of June)