Bear Grylls is the name that is well-known in the world of travel and adventure. He is world-famous for his show ‘Man vs Wild’ and his survival tips. The gear that he uses in his shows also became famous, particularly his knife that he keeps with him all the time.

A knife is considered one of the most essential equipment that you should keep when you are traveling or when you are out for some adventure. You must have seen Bear Grylls tackling severe survival situations with the help of his knife. The higher the quality of your knife is the better protection it can provide you. Gerber had been successful in the cutlery world since 1939. However, the company’s special knife for Bear Grylls made it famous across the whole world.

Why Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife Is for You

With its well-rounded shapes, this particularly knife can help you face all situations with more courage and confidence. I term it the best survival knife not just because I love it, but its amazing features also make it one of the best.

Have it look at some unique speculates of this Gerber Knife:

  • Full tang and rubberized handle
  • Military-grade sheath
  • Perfect non-slip grip
  • Rescue whistle
  • Fire steel
  • 4.8-inch fine edge
  • Drop point blade shape
  • And Gerber’s Lifetime Warranty

Despite some hammering issues in the first version, I have to say that Gerber has done a wonderful job by making a survival knife with these amazing features. In fact, I have already gone through many reviews on Amazon where people are terming it as the best survival knife in the world.

The packaging and styling also show that the company has done a bang up job. The weight of the knife isn’t much (I guess around 385 to 340 grams) and you’ll feel comfortable while carrying it with you. The styling of the flesh has also inspired me a lot. The feelings were on peak when I carried it with the belt loop.

Even at first glance, it occurred to me as the best survival knife for the money I paid. The first impression of its sheath confirms its high quality. While carrying it, unlike other survival knifes available in the market, I found no resistance on my thumb because its ridges are smoother than others. The steel, as advertised by Gerber, is of premium and high quality. It is better than the steel used in non-pro versions by the company. All in all, I have found it as one of the best survival knives I have ever bought.


The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife is a well-manufactured piece of survival gear. For me, it's also well-engineered for survivals situations and general cutting at home. I off course have many other knives in my collection, but this particular one is close to my heart. It’s more than a gimmick and a perfect piece to keep with you all the time in your wilderness!