ESEE Knives: ESEE-6P-B

The ESEE 6P-B bare edge blade knife is between the most well-known knife blade forms of the time and has been remembered a standout amongst the most productive knife filling different needs. It is equipped with various amazing features that force enables you to achieve your rough task when you are in the outside.

As far as quality and value, acquiring an ESEE Knife is where you can't turn out badly. Since 1997 Randall's Adventure and Training have planned simple, reasonable field cuts explicitly focused to military, law authorization, and the unique tasks network. They have manufactured a strong reputation. Their knives are carried by endless military workforce, law authorization offices, and Special Forces around the globe. They have endured long periods of extraordinary use, ruthless testing, and plan refinement. Initially intended to withstand the hardest of brutal circumstances, ESEE Knives (Randall's Adventure and Training) presently have a reputation that is best in class.

ESEE 6P-B Plain Edge Review

It originates from an organization that has a well-known status in the ground of cutlery and a rich legacy of assembling blades and knives and has inspired individuals in wilderness survival. It is most probably their enormous primary knife after the arrangement of kitchen cuts that they presented. This does not imply that it can't be utilized in your kitchen

This one is an ideal purchase for your trips. However, if you ever lose manually in the forest, you will ready to oversee things if you are conveying this blade alongside you.

The blade utilizes a Rowen producing heat treat process on account of which it is hardened to 57 Rc and keeps up adaptability in the meantime.

ESEE 6P-B is the Survival Knife Right Now

This may appear to be a striking declaration, yet in reality, it's a greater amount of acknowledged truth, both in the knife community as well as the survival community: the Esee 6 is no doubt the best EDC survival blade knife available at present.

It's durable and rough works in each circumstance you can consider and some that you can't and is more than fairly valued in terms of price. If you need a survival knife, you do not need to look any further. The ESEE 6 is THE survival blade time at the RIGHT NOW!


The ESEE 6P-B plain edge blade knife is a knife that joins various extraordinary features to give one of the ultimate experiences to the people love to roam at the jungle side roughly.

The high carbon steel cutting edge it has settles on it an extraordinary decision for its customer and individuals as it’s an element that a significant number of the present knives need. Likewise, the ability to use both hands sheath it has is a most loved among customers since they get the opportunity to utilize it as per their preferences. It has a solid handle and a satisfying grasp which add to its uniqueness. Something else that grabs the eye of the purchasers is its adaptability which enables it to be utilized in numerous events, for example, outdoors, trekking, cleaving, cutting, fine cutting so on and so forth.