Fallkniven is an organization that produces flawlessly useful blade knives. They don't make a ton of knife; however whatever product they make each of it pushes the points of confinement of the structures they effort in. Top of the line steels and strong materials result in flawless execution, assembling somewhat as truly basic as a camp out blade knife or a rigid sharp hunting bladed knife take a shot at levels you didn't figure such plain instruments would be prepared to do.

In the most recent couple of time, Fallkniven have started to build up an active client base outside of their homeland Sweden. As the bush crafting and outdoorsmen prospect has developed so as the thankfulness for Fallkniven survival knife with sharp edges. They're solid, elegant, and reasonably valued. The main genuine matter for a planned purchase of Fallkniven is which knife is ideal to purchase.

The A1 has a general length of 11″ (280mm), a 6.3″ (160mm) edge, and it gauges 12 ounces (305g). There is a genuine sentiment of heave here. Contrasting the A1 and different blades has actually no correlation. Fallkniven depicts the blade as "semi-extensive" that functions admirably enough for people who are sincere enough and have taste in knives.

This is a medium size survival blade. It would work fine around a campground or brought on climbs or trips. Obviously it would be at home in a survival circumstance or bug out style situation too

The cutting edge is an adjusted slanted edge structure with a moderate wide abdomen and swedge for improved tip quality and infiltrating ability. The 6mm thick stock is in part level ground and ends in a curved ground edge. It's extremely worth making a point to state that the cutting performance of this blade is very impressive than others.

The A1's handle is easy to hold, and just flawless. It fills the hand, yet doesn't drive it into some grasp: you pick how you need to hold the A1, not in other different way.

People do like the thickness of the handle. This isn't something that is attractive in a folding blade handle, since you're carrying that in your pocket, yet the A1's thick handle fills the hand and, despite the fact that it's difficult to find in pictures, there's rubberiness near Kraton handle that assimilates shock.

The bigger A2 is the better chopper, yet the A1 is surely an expert either, and the handle won't create hotspots or beat up your hand along with broadened slashing.


The A1 is a top-level, medium sized survival blade. It can do everything its sibling the A2 can, and the vast majority of the more delicate assignments you would approach the A1 to do. It's wonderful, one of a kind and tough. Anyone searching for a solid camp blade, a lightweight chopper, or only an extraordinary fixed sharp edge must go for the brutal A1. The points mentioned above are some vital aspects to let people know about this little handy beast, A1 survival knife.