Whether you have lost in a jungle or stuck in an unfortunate natural disaster, a knife happens to be one of the most important things to carry. Most importantly, when you are going for an outing with friends or looking forward to a family trip, it’s important to keep a high-quality survival knife with you.

Gerber is the name that is world-famous for its survival knives and multi-tools for consumers. Founded more than 80 years ago, Gerber has sufficiently maintained its strong position in the world of survival gear. Among its wide range of quality knives, I have chosen Gerber Lmf II Infantry Survival Knife.

Why Gerber Lmf II Infantry Survival Knife is the Best!

This particular tool is one of the most talked survival knifes in recent times. With a close look at its design and by going through its remarkable features, I fell in love with it!

Though it has been designed for military personal use, it is available for general use also. You may find lots of versions similar to this knife, but the best one is indeed Gerber Lmf II Infantry Survival Knife. The major difference that I found between this version of Gerber and other brands is that the earlier has a different handle and sheath colors. I chose brown color while buying it. However, there are green and black also. The sheath is matched with the color you choose.

Some of the noticeable features of this best survival knife include:

  • The knife is 4.84 inches long and the overall length is around 10.59 inch.
  • Weight with sheath is 24.28 ounces and without sheath is approximately 11.67 ounces.
  • It has a brilliant drop point blade with a curve of convex nature.
  • The blade is perfect for cutting, slicing, and bushcraft work.
  • The blade contains 420HC stainless steel that comes in one of the highest qualities of steel.
  • The blade provides good resistance to rust.
  • I call it one of the best survival knives because it’s also fine to serrated edge.
  • Providing a comfortable grip, the fashionable handle of the knife seeks your attention.
  • However, the knife is quite heavy and it is difficult to carry it everywhere.

Not just me, many people have found it the best survival knife for the money we paid. I’m quite satisfied with its performance and so the other customers must be.


Gerber is a reliable brand to buy survival tools and this Gerber Lmf II Infantry Survival Knife by the company is simply outspoken and dashing. The quality of its performance is more than satisfactory when compared with its price range. Military people have also given a big thumb to this best survival knife in the world. Keeping its features and performance in my mind, I strongly believe that it will last for long for sure. All in all, I strongly recommend you to buy this fantabulous product that can help you face any troubles with more confidence!