Benchmarking Network

Welcome to the Benchmarking Network!

The Benchmarking Network is an initiative that has emerged in summer 2019, with the idea to consolidate and to stimulate activities on benchmarking evolutionary computation methods and other iterative optimization heuristics such as local search algorithms, swarm intelligence techniques, estimation of distribution algorithms, model-based heuristics, surrogate-based optimization, etc - in short, all algorithms that work by a sequential evaluation of solution candidates.

We are an informal network of international researchers and practitioners using heuristic optimization methods. You can find here the list of members.

You can participate in various different ways:

  • Sign up for the discussion group here: Benchmarking Network Google Group
  • Join our workshops, e.g., at GECCO 2020 and PPSN 2020 [details will be announced in due time]
  • Let us know about your events related to benchmarking heuristic optimization techniques, by posting them in the Google Group or by contacting the coordinating members of the Benchmarking Network
  • Contact a coordinating member of the Benchmarking Network if you want to be more closely involved in the planning of events and dissemination of results.
  • We also welcome suggestions for topics to be added to this website, as well as pointers to resources that should not be missed!


  • We are happy to announce that the first real-life meetings of the Benchmarking Network will happen in 2020. Join us to learn more about the network and for discussing the state of the art in benchmarking heuristic optimization techniques! Details about these workshops will be announced soon - stay tuned :-)