Benchmarking Network

Welcome to the Benchmarking Network! 

The Benchmarking Network is an initiative that has emerged in summer 2019, with the idea to consolidate and to stimulate activities on benchmarking iterative optimization heuristics such as local search algorithms, evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence techniques, estimation of distribution algorithms, model-based heuristics, surrogate-based optimization, etc - in short, all algorithms that work by a sequential evaluation of solution candidates. 

We are an informal network of international researchers and practitioners using heuristic optimization methods. 

You can participate in various different ways: 


We are excited that the SIGEVO board has has accepted our proposal to establish a new track on Benchmarking, Benchmarks, Software, and Reproducibility (BBSR) at our main conference, GECCO. More information about this new track is available here
In 2024, Carola Doerr and Arnaud Liefooghe will chair the BBSR track. Do not hesitate to reach out to them in case of questions.  

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