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Arnaud Liefooghe has been an Associate Professor with the University of Lille, France, since 2010. He is a member of the CRIStAL Research Center, CNRS, and of the Inria Lille-Nord Europe Research Center. He is also the Co-Director of the MODŌ international lab between Shinshu University, Japan, and the University of Lille. He received a PhD degree from the University of Lille in 2009. In 2010, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher with the University of Coimbra, Portugal. In 2020, he was on CNRS sabbatical at JFLI, and an Invited Professor with the University of Tokyo, Japan. Since 2021, he is appointed Collaborative Professor at Shinshu University, Japan. His research activities deal with the foundations, the design and the analysis of stochastic local search heuristic algorithms, with a particular interest in multi-objective optimization and landscape analysis. He has co-authored over eighty scientific papers in international journals and conferences. He was a recipient of the best paper award at EvoCOP 2011 and at GECCO 2015. He has recently served as the co-Program Chair for EvoCOP 2018 and EvoCOP 2019, as the Proceedings Chair for GECCO 2018, as the co-EMO Track Chair for GECCO 2019, and as the Virtualization Chair for GECCO 2021.


30.05.22 — In 🇳🇱 Leiden, attending the Lorentz Center workshop "Benchmarked: Optimization Meets Machine Learning"13.05.22 — Our paper on Multi-objective NK landscapes with heterogeneous objectives is nominated for the GECCO 2022 best paper award (EMO track)21.04.22 — New paper on Many-objective optimization accepted in Computers & Operations Research24.03.22 — New papers accepted at GECCO 202220.12.21 — New report on the virtualization of GECCO 202103.12.21 — Congratulations to Dr. Geoffrey Pruvost for successfully defending his PhD thesis, and many thanks to the members of the jury!26.11.21 — Upcoming workshop on Landscape-aware heuristic search at GECCO 2022 (deadline: April 11, 2022)29.09.21 — Honored to be appointed Collaborative Professor at 🇯🇵 Shinshu University27.09.21 — Happy to welcome Roberto Santana from the 🇪🇸 University of the Basque Country as a visiting researcher for a three-month research stay in our research group10.07.21GECCO 2021 is on the starting blocks — looking forward to meeting you there!06.06.21 — New report on the Implications of the number of objectives in many-objective optimization31.05.21 — The EvoCOP conference obtained a Rank B in CORE 202128.04.21 — Chairing the GdR RO-MH2PPC tutorial of Jin-Kao Hao at ROADEF 202126.04.21 — Attending ROADEF 2021 (online)12.04.21 — New workshop paper on ParadisEO accepted at GECCO 202112.04.21 — I am now Responsible for Communication at the Computer Science Department, Univ Lille08.04.21 — Congrats to Raphaël Cosson for presenting his first paper at EvoCOP 202107.04.21 — Attending EvoCOP 2021 (online)29.03.21 — Our paper on Landscape features and algorithm selection for MO interpolated problems is nominated for the GECCO 2021 best paper award (EMO track)29.03.21 — Attending EMO 2021 (online)26.03.21 — New papers accepted at GECCO 202125.02.21 — Our paper on Decomposition-based multi-objective landscape features and algorithm selection is nominated for the EvoCOP 2021 best paper award20.01.21 — New paper accepted at EvoCOP 202111.01.21 — I will be the Virtualization chair for GECCO 2021
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Recent Activities

  • Co-director of the 🇫🇷/🇯🇵 MODŌ associated international laboratory with 🇯🇵 Shinshu Univ (since 2017)

  • Executive board member and Vice-secretary of the EA scientific association (since 2015)

  • Member of the scientific council of GdR RO and co-animator of the MH2PPC axis (CNRS, since 2021)

  • Elected member of the national council of universities CNU 27 (since 2020)

  • Virtualization chair for GECCO 2021

  • Director of studies of the Master-2 MIAGE IPI-NT, Univ Lille (2015-2021)

  • Responsible for Communication, Computer Science Department, Univ Lille (since 2021)




  • ParadisEO — a software framework for the design of metaheuristics

  • MoCObench — benchmark instances for multi-objective combinatorial optimization

  • MOEA/D — repository of the state-of-the-art developments on decomposition-based EMO