Running Safety

Running Safety

We are very fortunate at Bishop Chatard to be able to leave the campus area for most of our cross country practices. Because we are on the "roads” so often, there is a certain responsibility placed upon us to learn and follow the guidelines for safe running.

1. Athletes are instructed to ALWAYS stay with at least one other runner(there is safety in numbers).

2. If there is a sidewalk, always use it.

3. Run on the left side of the road, facing traffic, if there is no sidewalk.

4. When running with a group of people, always run double file on the shoulder of the road when a car approaches. Announce the presence of cars to other groups of runners by calling "Car up” or "Car back.”

5. Obey all traffic signals. Look both ways before crossing any street(even if there is a stop sign or light)

6. When approaching a right hand turn, wait until you have gotten to the turn before crossing to the right hand side of the street.

7. When approaching intersections where cars may be waiting to turn right, be extra cautious because the driver may not look to his right (where you are) before turning onto the road.

8. Most important of all, a runner never wins in a confrontation with a vehicle. Always, always give the car plenty of room and be ready to move quickly to avoid any problems.

9. Be courteous and considerate of all other people that are using the roads/monon,sidewalk. We ALL need to share the roads. Smile, wave, say hello, say thank you…

10. Always run the assigned route. On an "out & back" run, always return the same way that you went out. That way, If there is a problem we will be able to find you.

11. Always check in with your coach upon returning from a run...DO NOT leave without permission.

12. NEVER run on anyones property. Also, be respectful of others property: trash cans, mailboxes, cars, etc…

Monon Safety

1. Trail hours: Dawn to dusk

2. Keep to the right; communicate before passing. Let other trail users know when you are approaching from behind. Signal by saying "passing on your left" and give others time to respond accordingly.

3. Maintain control and safe speed. Adjust your speed to accommodate for other users, traffic and trail conditions.

4. Pedestrians have the right-of-way on the greenways. Bicycle riders and in-line skaters must yield to all other trail users. Parents: please keep children from wandering into oncoming trail lane to avoid accidents.

5. Share the trail and be courteous. Indy Parks Greenways are multi-use recreational trails appropriate for walkers, joggers, in-line skaters and bicycle riders. Please respect others, regardless of their mode of travel.

6. Do not trespass or cut through adjacent properties or yards to access a Greenway.

7. Stop for cross traffic and obey all signage.

8. Respect the trail environment. Do not disturb the wildlife or the many native plants and wildflowers that grow along the Greenway.

9. Pick up litter and place in trash bins. Please remove all pet waste.

10. Keep pets on short leashes (4-6 feet max.) If using a retractable leash, please keep pets near you.