Team Rules & Expectations

Be Positive - Always! Attitude is everything in CC


1. A Bishop Chatard Distance Runner arrives on time.

a. Weekday at 3:35 for warmup.

***Blue Groups will have one day off - TBA***

***Black Group may practice before school on Monday***

***May be changed due to heat***

b. Friday @ 5:45am, and Saturday TBA

c. If late, the team will perform 25 pushups

On most days, we will be done by 5:30(Monday black group 6ish) ***all athletes are required to stay till practice is over.***

2. All athletes come to practice with the proper shoes and clothes.

3. Practice is mandatory

a. Special circumstances will be excused (SAT, illness, etc….)

i. Your Group Coach needs to approve club sports or any training outside of track practice. More than anything this is a safety issue.

b. If you are missing practice, contact Your Group Coach and fill out absence request form in advance. Communicating through other athletes is not acceptable and NOT excused

c. Just like skipping school, skipping XC is not an option.

i. 1 unexcused absence = 1 meet suspension

ii. 2 unexcused absences = 3 meet suspension

iii. 3 unexcused absences = Dismissal from the team

d.Academics come before track so if you are having academic issues inform Your Group Coach and work with teachers and tutors as needed.

i. If late due to academics, a note with dismissal time is required.

ii. We encourage athletes to get help before school and during SRT.

e. An injured athlete is required to attend practice (rehab and cross train)


1. A Bishop Chatard Distance Runner arrives on time and rides the bus to/from all meets.

2. If rehab is required prior to departure, it’s your responsibility to still be on time.

4. All athletes are required to stay at the meet until the meet is over.

5. After you last event, a cool down and stretching is required.