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K-12 educators collaborating to inspire numeracy across the province through dynamic teaching and learning.

"Just as literacy has become every teacher's responsibility, so numeracy needs to be seen as integral to every learning area."

(Thornton & Hogan, 2004, p. 313)

Considerations for Fall 2020

As we consider how we will welcome students to math in September, we need to frame our planning and decision-making within the context of a global pandemic.

  • What does this mean for our students and our colleagues?

  • What are the personal, family and community stories that we need to be mindful of?

  • How do we honour this experience and nurture the well-being of those in our school community?

The BC Numeracy Network met in August to discuss three key considerations and accompanying strategies for teaching and learning mathematics and developing numeracy in our schools as we re-start K-12 education in September.

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