How can I infuse mathematics throughout the day and our lives in meaningful, purposeful ways?

"The community provides an environment in which individual mathematical ideas can be expressed and tested against others' ideas...This enables learners to become clearer and more confident about what they know and understand." (Fosnot, Constructivism revisited: Implications and reflections. The Constructivist, 16. 2005, p.10)


  • have students grapple with investigations and provocations
  • highlight mathematical thinking in assemblies, newsletters, announcements, displays throughout school, school apps with problem of the day
  • connect to current events happening in the world; interpret graphs and data in the media
  • integrate throughout other curricular areas
  • teach explicit instruction of numeracy concepts as well as recognize and acknowledge teachable math moments throughout the day


Interdisciplinary Projects or Lessons:

Conrad Wolfram : Computer-Based Maths

Math Learning Outdoors:

Janice Novakowski from SD38: Mathematics and Science Blog on learning outdoors. Excellent resource for ideas and examples.


Curriculum for Excellence Through Teaching Outdoors

Curriculum for Excellence through Outdoor Learning was published to support teachers and practitioners to enhance learning experiences for pupils.

50 Fantastic Ideas for Maths Outdoors


Professional resources and materials for teaching outdoors.

Community Events:

Here is an example of a community math evening where families were invited to engage in all sorts of math activities. There were stations set up around the room that involved hands on activities with three levels of complexity or difficulty. Participants also enjoyed a demonstration and lecture from a guest speaker.

Math Evening.pdf