How do I encourage my students to make meaning of numeracy in the world?

"Embedding the problem-solving information within a real-world context helps students activate their conceptual knowledge when presented with a real-life problem-solving situation (Gagne, Yerkovich, & Yerkovich, 1993) and improves student motivation, participation, and generalization (Polloway & Patton, 2001)." (Sliva, Teaching Inclusive Mathematics to Special Learners K-6, 2004)


  • ensure students have opportunities to make relevant, contextual, and authentic connections
  • design interdisciplinary tasks and investigations
  • be mindful of culture, community, and place
  • build on students’ background knowledge


Numeracy in the World: Conrad Wolfram

Learning by rote is not the answer – unlocking the creative power of problem-solving is what will enthuse British schoolchildren and make them world-class, argues mathematician Conrad Wolfram

Where do you see mathematics?

Be on the look out for math in the world around you, and take photos. Check out three summers of math photos:




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