PTSP Meetings

PTSP meetings are held on the last Tuesday each month.

They start at 5:30 p.m. and are held in the cafeteria of Bay Haven Charter Academy.

Monthly meetings allow the school administration to communicate with parents in an open assembly and discussion is encouraged. This is an open forum for PTSP to update everyone regarding recent or upcoming fundraisers; discuss on campus and off campus activities and solicit volunteers for specific jobs. There are generally student entertainers at these meetings.

PTSP officers and committee chairs are elected and appointed during the last PTSP meeting of each school year. This meeting is announced in advance and is usually held in May. If you would like to serve as a PTSP Officer or Chair one of the many committees, please contact the PTSP main email, and make your wishes known ahead of this meeting. We welcome each of you and encourage you to get involved.

In addition to General PTSP meetings, the PTSP Board meets regularly to discuss PTSP business, plan and strategize for upcoming events and functions, make budgetary and purchasing decisions, discuss school business, set fundraising goals and hear committee reports. All PTSP business decisions, with the exception of officer elections which are held during a General PTSP meeting, are made by vote during these PTSP Board meetings.