Bay Haven Charter Academy PTSP

parent teacher student partnership

Mission Statement 

To support, through fund raising and volunteer efforts, the educational objectives of Bay Haven Charter Academy.

 What We Do:

PTSP does much to support the administration, educators and students of Bay Haven with one ultimate goal: Providing a complete and exceptional education for our children in an environment conducive to learning.  To that end, we do whatever it takes. 

The PTSP is a parent-motored organization that supports our children and their educators through volunteering, fundraising, and event management.  Our very name recognizes the working relationship between all parties responsible for making Bay Haven successful. PTSP has been responsible for financially, morally, and physically supporting Bay Haven since the first days the school doors opened and is an integral part of the dynamics that make Bay Haven unique.  Parent involvement makes Bay Haven possible.   

PTSP helps provide a clean, safe, and challenging environment in which our children learn and their educators teach. We assume responsibilities when budget constraints limit staffing needs, so that our teachers can spend their time teaching; we sell snow cones; get involved in the community; chaperone school sponsored trips to make certain our children are adequately supervised during off-campus activities; raise money to purchase equipment that the school budget will not support; build and move furniture; work in the classroom; paint and clean; and work in the media center preparing materials for teachers so that they are able to use their planning period for planning.  These are just a few activities that our PTSP members devote themselves to. Our efforts even helped build the school buildings.  Again, we do whatever it takes!  

As a member of the Bay Haven PTSP your nominal membership dues help support our budget. More importantly, your personal involvement enriches the education we offer our students.  Children spend most of their time away from home and are comforted and encouraged by parental involvement in their education and extracurricular activities. Our teachers know when they see us on campus we will help them in any capacity.  Our administrators take comfort knowing that we offer our time, energy, and ideas to help make Bay Haven the best it can be, and they depend on our efforts to subsidize the needs of the school.

As a Bay Haven parent, you are aware of the 20 volunteer hours required for each family.  We certainly hope that you won't limit yourself to 20 hours, but will take full advantage of PTSP membership and find plenty of volunteer activities which you can enjoy both on and off campus.  Our school culture is built on volunteers. We can't do it without YOU!


Welcome to Bay Haven Charter Academy!

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