How to Earn Volunteer Hours

What counts toward Volunteer Hours?

  • Attendance at General and Board PTSP Meetings
  • Board Officer duties – (PTSP Board, Foundation Board, BHCA Board and Booster Board duties)
  • Working in classroom – volunteering in the classroom helping teacher with copying, reading, activities, etc. Helping teacher at home (decodable books, book orders, phone calls, cut-outs, etc.)
  • Room parent duties (calling parents, planning and setting up for parties and special events for the teacher.)
  • Attendance at orientation meeting
  • Library help – (sorting, filing books, etc.)
  • Lunchroom help (helping monitor classes in the lunchroom, cleaning tables, sweeping, etc.)
  • Campus maintenance (working on campus upkeep, repair work) Workdays (special called workdays for school campus, athletic
  • Helping at Drop off and pick up area (helping aides with the opening of car doors for children, etc.)
  • Tutoring (tutoring students individually, in groups or in aftercare)
  • Attendance at Booster Meetings (athletics, choir, band, assigned work @ Booster event, activities working at events)
  • Working sports events (helping by coaching, time clock, setting up for sports events, clean up, concession stand)
  • Chair and or working at Events, Book Fair, Breakfast w/ Santa, Magazine Sales, etc.
  • Sorting lost and found items
  • Working at Field Day (assisting coaches with events)
  • Hall monitor for State testing
  • Soliciting business partnerships to support school with school approval
  • Summer clean up and fix up
  • Approved chaperone on a school approved field trip. You must be in direct supervision of children (not just traveling with your child) and traveling with the group. Note: Overnight trips required not only school raptor check but also a criminal background check through the Sheriff’s office and will require you to have completed the volunteer form which will be submitted by the school prior to your approval as a chaperone for the trip).

These volunteer activities can be performed at any time during the school day.

  • Trimming, sorting, counting and bagging Labels for Education and Boxtops. These are located in the school office in collection boxes. You can take them to the courtyard area to work with them.
  • Hanging and sizing uniforms in uniform store in a neat and orderly manner.
  • Deciphering names on Lost and Found items and dropping a note at homeroom class for student.
  • Calling the phone list to set up volunteers for fundraisers. Contact
  • Making signs for fundraisers and events.

These volunteer activities can be performed during the school day, but only on specified days.

  • Organizing cookie dough, book fair and catalog sales orders.
  • Separating shipments of cookie dough, books and catalog items by teacher and student.
  • Delivering books and catalog items to classrooms and tracking accuracy of orders.
  • Verifying shipment to orders.
  • Counting fish fry and barbecue ticket sales.
  • Issuing tickets for fish fry and barbecue by teacher.
  • Giving cookie dough orders to students and tracking accuracy of orders.
  • Counting money for all sales events to insure it matches order totals.
  • Distributing pre-sold tickets, t-shirts, etc. to classrooms.
  • Tracking Festival ticket sales and monies.
  • Delivering Festival tickets to classroom.
  • Delivering contest prizes to students.
  • Setting up and attending prize parties for contest winners.
  • Picking up, counting and tallying winners for contests.

Please email for any further questions. Information subject to change per event.