Teaching is my passion. I have been teaching officialy from the age of 13. In my teaching I design immersive and community based experiences for all learners. I use social media tools to create virtual learning communities in which I can engage with students and keep them immersed in the learning experience even outside of the formal instructional setting.

Here are some examples of the teaching experiences that I have designed.

A quick look at select learning activities and digital lessons that I have designed.

A quick shot of me delivering a classroom lecture, a short moment of explicit instruction. (link) (link 2)

A demo of a partial learning module that I have created.

A selective sample of work that students have produced under my tutelage and guidance.

What my students say about my designs:

  • The content matter of this course was extremely interesting and relevant for my work and practice. I am grateful for the opportunity to have spent time studying this subject.
  • I appreciated Dr. Rodney's willingness to talk with students on the phone. It made the course feel more like an in-person class with an instructor who was interested in your development as an educator.
  • The Instructor's competent use of class time in my experience is the best; top notch. He gives or affords the student time to read, absorb and share material; then demonstrate understanding. Too often the e-learning overloads the student with required references and other sources and it is just too much to cover. Like I said earlier, it goes into great detail and depth of understanding the No Child Left Behind and and multiliteracy.
  • Dr. Rodney is a pioneer of 21st Century learning and he is a vital asset to our University! He met my expectations 100%!
  • The assignments were both challenging and educational. I appreciate the thought and time taken to create assignments that have such qualities.
  • The course results/outcomes surpassed all my expectations proving that relevant communication can happen by utilizing multimedia.
  • This course was full of information about real life current events which I found very interesting. I really enjoyed the dialogue between classmates and the assignments presented.
  • Dr. Rodney was very well organized and very helpful in the course.

Let me help you design an immersive learning experience for your clients or your team.