Principal Investigator

Amir Barati Farimani

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Courtesy Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering

Courtesy Assistant Professor in Machine Learning

Courtesy Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering

Courtesy Assistant Professor in Material Science and Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University


PhD: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Mechanical Engineering

Post doc: Stanford University

PhD Students

Yuyang Wang

AI in Molecular Engineering for the Environment and Design

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Francis Ogoke

ML in Additive Manufacturing for Waste Reduction and Sustainability

Read about Francis

Kazem Meidani

ML in System Identification and Physics Discovery

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Rishikesh Magar

Machine Learning in Materials with focus on Bio and Manufacturing

Read about Rishi

Zhonglin Cao

AI for Water and the Environment

Read about Johnny

Prakarsh Yadav

AI in Health and Biomedical Engineering

Read about Prakarsh

Parand Akbari

Machine Learning in Additive Manufacturing

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Zijie Li

AI in Particle and Dynamical Systems/Metaverse

Read about Zijie

AmirPouya Hemmasian

AI in Optimization and Surrogate Models

Read about AmirPouya

AI in Additive Manufacturing for Sustainability

Read about Yayati

Alison Bartsch

Machine Learning for Complex Robotic Tasks and Metaverse

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Olabode Ajenifujah

AI in Material Discovery and Additive Manufacturing

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Cooper Lorsung

Machine Learning in Physical systems

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Dule Shu

AI in Numerical Methods

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Master Students

Yanxi Zhu (ECE)

Machine Learning in Additive Manufacturing

Changwen Xu (MSE)

Molecular Machine Learning

Sarthak Bisht (ME) AI and Metaverse

Yue Jian


Molecular Machine Learning

Keqin Wang


Machine Learning in Dynamics and Control of robots

Cameron Assadian


AI and Energy

Mingrui Yang


Molecular Machine Learning

Akshay Antony


Autonomous Vehicle and AI

Yanjun Chen


AI and software

Quanliang Liu


Machine Learning in Additive Manufacturing

Jarrett Boyd


AI and Sequencing

Abraham George


AI, Metaverse and Robotic


Rose McDermott

Machine Learning and Vision in Manufacturing

Melissa Yang

Machine Learning in Health

Siya Scindia

Machine Learning in Protein Design and Simulation

Daniel Gomez

AI and Robotic