Business Details

Do you have a warranty on your products and services?

Yes, we do. We proudly offer the BankHeadz Guarantee on all our work. Products purchased by BankHeadz LLC on behalf of the client include both a manufacturer warranty and a limited warranty offered by BankHeadz. Please check item specifics for detailed warranty information, read more about our warranty policy or contact us for more information.

What services do you offer over the phone?

We offer FREE quotes over the phone (subject to change due to unanticipated factors)

We provide FREE expert advice to help as you navigate the game table market, draft a room layout outline, purchase a table you will love, and create the family-friendly game room of your dreams!

Why should I hire an experienced professional to handle my game table needs?

Game tables like billiard tables are bulky, extremely heavy, and surprisingly delicate and complex.

Disassembly- must be done properly to avoid damage while moving. Improper disassembly could lead to more charges due to extra time and labor required for the move and reassembly.

Lifting/Loading- tables weigh anywhere from 500 to 1000 pounds! Untrained or under-experienced movers are at a HUGE risk of serious injury to themselves, destruction to the surrounding structures, and damage to parts that likely require professional repair. Professionals have the training and tools to save time and money in the long run.

Assembly, Repair and Renovation-- Each table manufacturer and model has specific steps and techniques for assembling, installing, repairing, and renovating the complex network of table components to ensure the table's quality of play.

How do I set up an appointment for service?

You have several options to start the process, receive a quote, and schedule an appointment. Refer to "What do I need to know before contacting BankHeadz?" Prepare a list of table specifications and job details in order to get the most accurate quote estimated and avoid issues through the rest of the process.

        1. Call our office (319)332-1564 OR the business cell phone (319)334-8986 for more urgency.
        2. Send us an email or text message.
        3. Submit a Request Form. Someone will follow up with you as soon as possible. If you submitted information and have not heard from a BankHeadz associate within 24 hours, please call the office or business cell phone.

What do I need to know when I contact BankHeadz?,

    1. Year, Make, and Model of Table. Refer to "How do I learn more about my table?"
    2. Table size and # of slate pieces
    3. Ball Return or Drop Pockets? (Leather, rubber, plastic or nylon pockets?)
    4. The number of flights of stairs involved (in home moves, pick up/install locations)
    5. Quality and age of table
    6. Current condition/location of table (partially disassembled, in storage short-term vs long-term, climate controlled versus uncontrolled storage, etc.)
    7. Potential or actual repair/renovation needs (new felt, new cushions, part repair/replacement, etc.)

What factors lead to additional charges on the final invoice?

Each service category in each type of game table has a determined base rate. The factors listed above all impact the total cost of the service and product bill. Please refer to our Service Rates.

The list of additional charges, including those added for larger tables, are a guide for universally pricing services in the preliminary and final invoices. BankHeadz owners completed a thorough analysis of market trends and competitor pricing throughout our service area while developing the pricing guide based on years of experience. We made every attempt to list all reasons for additional charges in clear and concise terms. New items may be added, or adjustments may be made to established amounts on the list at any time if determined necessary by the BankHeadz LLC owners and approved with majority vote.

How do I learn more about my table?

Manufacturer stamps or brand markings are often visible when lying under an assembled table and inspecting the exposed surfaces underneath. Occasionally, manufacturers apply a plague on the outside of the table with make, model, and year. These numbers are often easily researched with an online search engine. Sometimes, finding information on a particular brand or make of table is difficult and requires a little more digging. Details about the table components, such as design and material used to make pockets, shape of the sights (diamond or circle)

What payment methods do you accept?

BankHeadz LLC accepts all major credit cards; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We process card payments utilizing PayPal and Square transaction services! Please review Legal Agreements for PayPal’s services, Square’s General Terms of Service, and other legal documents available on their websites as desired and as related to interactions processed by PayPal or Square on behalf of BankHeadz LLC.

Customers must personally sign for all transactions greater than $25 when present. A written receipt will be available to clients for any transaction greater than $15, with the option to decline a written receipt in lieu of an electronic receipt.

Don’t have a credit card, PayPal, or Square account?

BankHeadz LLC also welcomes cash, checks, money orders, gift certificates, and ACH or wire transfers. When placing an order using one of these methods, or if you would like information on purchasing a gift certificate, please call us directly to ensure proper processing and credits applied to your account.

Checks must list the client’s name, address, phone number, and driver’s license number. Information may be added to checks with blue or black ink and must be verified in-person by BankHeadz LLC associate prior to accepting the check. $35 fee is assessed for all returned checks. Post-dated checks require prior approval.

What happens after the work order is completed?

After the job details are agreed upon by both the new client and the BankHeadz associate, client contact information has been confirmed, and the estimated quote has been approved, the associate offers 3-4 open dates. The associate then emails the service agreement, including: Work Order, Terms of Service Agreement, and Preliminary Invoice. An entry is created in the BankHeadz calendar and is marked as tentative. This date will be held for four days to allow the client time to review the contract. Once the signed contract and deposit (if applicable) are received, the appointment date is confirmed. Clients are given the option of a confirmation call or text the day before service is scheduled. A copy of the full contract, final invoice, and warranty information are prepared in the BankHeadz Service Packet to be given to the client upon completion of the job. A percentage of the total bill may be required prior to ordering materials and/or as a down payment.

What is the policy for rescheduling or cancelling appointments?

We understand, life happens. Ideally, we would prefer 48-72 hours notice for rescheduling. Whatever portion of the total that was billed for a down payment is held and credited when the job is finished. We prefer 5 business days notice prior to cancelling and 50% of the down payment is refundable. Some allowance will be given to true emergencies, otherwise refunds for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be significantly reduced , and possibly not honored. A lot of work is done in the background to keep our professional and personal lives manageable, so we appreciate you understanding.

Do you stock and sell Replacement parts?

Currently we have a small selection of parts and accessories, mostly billiard table components. We acquire tables and list them for sale on the website when available. We want to accommodate your individual needs and wants when it comes to your very own game table. We work primarily with local supply stores and online sources to find the highest quality materials with the lowest price tag to customize your table the way you want it. You may wish to research and deliberate the many choices on your own. Links have been provided in the appropriate service category. We do not provide warranty on items that we do not purchase, inspect, and offer to clients with a small shipping/handling fee. Large orders of replacement parts or customized renovation supplies require a percentage of the total as down payment prior to ordering.