BankHeadz 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We proudly offer the

BankHeadz Guarantee

on our work and the products we offer.

BankHeadz 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are proud to report 100% client satisfaction and strive to provide excellent customer service to every client from our first interaction to successful job completion.

Inspection of all table components and surfaces is performed with the client and a BankHeadz associate both before, during, and immediately after services. Refer to the our Inspection Form for more information!

Any changes made to the work order and preliminary invoice will be approved by BankHeadz administrators. Additional fees may be apply and will be noted on the final invoice provided to the client upon completion of the job, in addition to verbal notification.

Products purchased by BankHeadz LLC on behalf of the client include both a manufacturer warranty and a BankHeadz 30-day item replacement warranty. Manufacturers’ warranties will differ from company-to-company and product-to-product. As a client of Bankheadz LLC, we value your business and want to be informed of any concerns you may have. We also want to update our suppliers if they are offering anything less than high quality products. Please access the Customer Service Request form and submit a detailed account of any problem(s) noted as soon as possible. The invoice will include product information, including the supplier it was originally purchased from and the cost of each individual product, plus shipping and handling fees. Please check item specifics for detailed warranty information or contact us for more information.

We believe in our suppliers and the quality of the products they offer so much that we offer an additional 30-day (up to 60 days total) warranty on all products purchased through us. If a product doesn’t perform under normal conditions, please submit a Customer Service Request form or contact us for more information. Our warranty applies to all manufacturer defects in workmanship, but does not extend to improper use or application of the product. Products purchased from any third party, and not directly from BankHeadz LLC, will automatically void the warranty.

If you have a question regarding a specific product or manufacturer warranty, please contact us.