Our Service Area

We serve a 300+ mile radius service area.

The distance is estimated from Independence, Iowa to the (initial) service location using Google Maps for quotes and to complete the preliminary invoice.

Actual mileage is determined with the vehicle's odometer readings as noted on the final invoice.

Travel Mileage Rate:

We do not charge clients additional fees for travel less than 50 miles from our location in Independence, Iowa to the (initial) service location.

Return trips for reassembly following a home renovation will be noted on the preliminary invoice (# XXXX). A second invoice (# XXXX-A, and # XXXX-B) will be provided upon completion of the return trip.

Transport Mileage Rate:

Transport mileage is an additional fee per mile for transporting new and used equipment from the initial service location to the final location.

The two categories are reflective of equipment weight leading to wear and tear on our vehicles.

Click to determine transport mileage with Google Maps.