Door Key Safe

When making the booking you will be given the code for the keysafe by the front door.

Please put the key back in the key safe before entering the building, that way it does not get locked in 

Please use this QR code to report a maintenance issue

Lamona FLM5400 Cooker

This is our biggest fire risk, please use carefully.

Do not place objects on the ceramic hob at any time; other than cooking pans

Cooker Instructions:

If the cooker does not come on (especially the bottom ovens) then ensure the timer is set correctly. This happens when power is turned off. 

To set the clock:

See video below:

Easy level access via the back door. (East Side)

The key to the back door is also in the key safe.

If this easy access back door is used it needs to be locked again from the outside. The crash door system will still open it from the inside

NB This back door can be opened and closed from the inside while locked. This might avoid the need to fiddle with the key.

Entrance light switch

Switch 1:   6 Ceiling LED lights
Switch 2:   2 opposite Wall lights
Switch 3:   1 far wall light
Switch 4:   1 near wall light

NB normally leave all the individual wall lights pull switches turned on so that the lights are controlled by this switch. The pull strings can be turned on and off as needed , however set them back to on to avoid confusion

Nest Heating Thermostat

To get more heat turn silver dial clockwise, to cool down, turn it anti clockwise.

The heating resets to 9 degrees every hour to prevent overuns.

Most activities need about 18 degrees, not as hot as sitting in your home. Please minimise heating use wherever possible since it costs real money and produces CO2.

Turn down to 9 degrees as you leave.

Only change the circular dial. Not the white square or the heaters

Gopack Alumium Tables

The legs unfold and fold easily if you know how - this is a must watch video

Chair Trolley

The trolley makes moving many chairs easy, however, still consider many trips with a few chairs as a safe option.

Wall Fan Heater in Kitchen

The Remote control is in the cupboard above the fridge in the kitchen

Kitchen wall heater remote

Please turn off at the end of every event - if left on it could easily be 24 hours or more before it is noticed by the next booking! 

Setting the temperature:
When the appliance is on, press “ +/- ” and the display will show “23” as the default.
Continue to press “ +/- ” to set the desired temperature (10-49°C).
Press “ OK” to confirm the setting.

If you want the full details see here: 

Larder Fridge

Normally this is kept switched off with the door ajar for ventilation

Switch on for individual events

Please clean it out after your event

Large Gas Heaters in Main hall

No need to change anything on the heater

Smaller Gas heater in the stage area

No need to change anything on the heater

Electric blinds above stage area

Sound system: JBL Charge 5

NB this is not kept in the Reading Room and is hired out on request

New Projector: BenQ TK700STI

NB this is not kept in the Reading Room and is hired out on request

Quick Setup instructions

Manual Projector screen

Pull down and hold for a count of 3 and it will stay in position

Pull down and let go and it will recoil slowly

Projector Screen brackets  

NB moving the projector screen is a 2 person job since it is heavy and difficult to manage up a ladder. Please ask the Reading Room committee to set this up for you.

Table Trolleys

You can now move all the tables easily, even if you only want a couple take the trolley to the location and unload how many you need.

Ladder Storage

Please hang the ladder on the hooks by the double doors in the store room, with steps facing the wall

To do an Exit light test

Push in the little tool in the slot and push up and down to switch on and off. Leave in the off position. When power is lost the exit lights will come on using battery power.

MagDUO fire system

See below for instructions in a video

Instructions to reset the fire system

Future proof electrics

Next to each gas heater is a dedicated electric circuit to enable the gas heater to be swapped out for an electric one in the future.

This switch is taped off at all times.

Gas Heater internal settings: not normally used

These are normally set and not changed. The temperature for the room is controlled by the Nest Thermostat.

It is possible to turn individual heaters on and off:

Winter = Warm air when on

Off =  nothing will happen 

Summer  = it will blow only cold air

The doors are not locked.

Please leave the thermostates set to 25 degrees maximum

1: Simple on-table projector setup

An easy practical way to set up the new projector, with the screen close to the audience

90% of the time this is the recommended setup

2: Ceiling mounted Projector with screen at the back of the stage area

When the images on the screen are like 'wallpaper' in the background of an event

3: Ceiling mounting Projector screen, near the front of the stage area

Presenting to an audience when you do not want a table getting in the way, eg when there is dancing.

Projector setup 2

Projector setup 2

Projector Setup 2

Projector setup 2

Once the projector has been slide on the bracket it can be secured with the chain and hook to prevent it comming off.

Projector setup 3

Using the extension arm through the slot in ceiling.
NB Ian AD has the extension arm if required

The blackout cardboard sheet

Is kept behind the book case and just wedges into place

Cooker Hood Guarantee

Fridge 1 Guarantee

Cooker Guarantee

Fridge 2 Guarantee

What to do if the outside light is permanently on

Above the west-facing window there is an automatic flood light. If the power to the Reading Room is turned off and then back on again, the light interprets this as you wanting the automatic light to come on permanently. This can easily happen if there is a brief power cut.

The solution is to turn off the lighting circuit that this light is on, wait 30 seconds, then turn the circuit on again.

The light will now stay in automatic mode and will go out on its own after about a minute.

Where to find the lighting circuit that feeds the floodlight

This can be found in the porch, in the fuse box

Turn the switch marked 'LIGHTS +FLOODLIGHT' off then wait 30 second then turn it on again

This will put the floodlight into auto mode and it will go off automatically after a while