For hire

Things for Hire

As a service to the community we offer various items for hire at minimal cost. These can be used away from the Reading Room to enable people to run their own social events.

Wine glasses (lots): £5 + Relace any breakages

36 small white wine glasses 19cl

71 small red wine glasses 16cl

10 small flutes 15cl

36 half-pint glasses

16 pint glasses

8 long folding tables: £1 each

4 short folding tables: £1 each

Reading Room Crockery:

Cups, saucers & Plates (66): £the set

Reading Room Crockery:

Plates & bowls (57): £5 the set

8 simple wooden Card tables £5 the set

Wooden top

Folding chairs (28): £5 the set

Projector for use with your Laptop for presentation outside of the Reading Room

NB we have good wireless internet 60 MB/sec, A new 4K projector (on- site use only ) and an old projector 1080p ( which can go off-site) this does HDMI and VGA. It has a small 5W speaker so ideally needs something to amplify sound if you want to hear in a large space.

These are not kept in Reading Room: £25 a day hire


Just ask to use it

NB: For a variety of reasons, normally we do not hire out: spindle chairs, new projector, speaker, comfy (fabric covered) chairs, kettles, cutlery and round tables.

In addition to the above the Reading Room has based in the hall:

2 small round cafe tables

2 large wooden craft tables

3 kettles

38 Spindle back chairs

Because these have soft cushion covers and do not transport easily we do not normally hire these out. However please discuss your needs and there might be some possibilities if the chairs can be kept in good condition e.g. suitably transported and kept out of possible rain.

2 wooden topped bistro tables

These have a heavy base

Possible layouts in the Reading Room:

Large tables

A big gathering with food, maximum seating is 60.

Cluster tables

A more formal dinner setup, perhaps a quiz night or an afternoon tea. This has enough room to mingle. (32 to 34 people with plenty of space)

Open hall

A large, tall blank canvas. The chairs could also be removed. (80 people maximum)

Side table Food

With a large number mingling and eating (80 people maximum)

Large screen 

4K projector

The screen can be set at the back of the snug or brought forward

The projector can be on a table (the simplest setup) on the ceiling ( the most safe position)

See the Instructions page for options

The Snug

A very small meeting, perhaps around one table

The Kitchen

State of the art kitchen

A Small talk

A nice informal stage setting (60 people seated is the maximum)

A Small event  

With buffet table and projector for photos/films/internet

Creating just the atmosphere you want

Even a bouncy castle works inside

Quiz Night layout

Ideally teams of 4 or 5 facing forwards