Car parking

Car Park

At the back of the building, off Badinton Lane, is a car park that can take about 10 cars.

This is a lot safer than dropping people off at the front by the busy main road.

Parking at the front is now a disabled space only

How to make good use of the car park and how to not get blocked in when there is a big event going on.

The policy document is here - admittedly not exciting, but important to ensure fair use.

Bainton Reading Room Parking Policy

Every now and then we remind people who use the Reading Room car parking spaces what our policy is.

1. We are happy for villagers to use the car park at the rear of the building on an occasional basis. Good examples are when you have lots of visitors and you could end up with many cars parked outside your house blocking the pavements and roads.

2. People should only use the spaces at the front of the Reading Room when they are loading and unloading. Generally these spaces are not very safe as it often means backing onto a busy road.

3. The Reading Room car park should not be considered a regular place to park.

It would be appreciated when people do use the car park that they ‘give back’ in some way to the community. This could be anything from tidying up the weeds or litter, to cutting the grass when it needs it, putting on an event at the Reading Room for others… anything really that adds to the community.

If you are parking at the Reading Room it is always worth looking at the website to see what events are booked since your car could easily get blocked in when 30 cars arrive for a busy event. .

Hopefully this works for you and enables everyone to make use of Bainton Reading Room facilities.

Many Thanks

Reading Room Committee