Friday Night Events

Imagine Yourself as ART ROYALTY!!

Are you a Queen... King.... Duchess... Duke... ??

Bring your royal clothing to wear Friday night! Consider aligning your outfit with our themed colors of blues, greens, and purples. (Royals are often in fancy dress but not 24 hours a day - so be creative!) There is time allotted to dress for dinner and our special events.

Add "Royalty Regalia" you created on Thursday Night to your Royal Outfit!

And then be prepared to participate in our Art Royalty Procession!!


Following dinner we will be honoring individuals who were nominated by AAEA members and then selected by our awards committee for the work they have done in their education communities. This is a special time to recognize members who have excelled in the art education profession. Learn more about Awards

Friday's PDSF Basket Raffle

Imagine the fun baskets you can take home with you. We raffle off a selection of baskets on Friday night and the remaining baskets at the end of the conference. Learn more about Professional Development Scholarship Fund and Baskets

Silent Auction

Silent auction items will be displayed for viewing, along with bidding sheets. Participants will bid on items by writing their bid on the sheet. Upon payment, the highest bidder becomes the item recipient.

Finish the Night with a TASK Party!!

Art Supplies and "Tasks" created by everyone combine to make a really fun creative experience!