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Custom keyboard, How to Play, and an extra chekpoint!


Fresh from the oven, beta demo v0.8!

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Check out the additions:

  • Custom keyboard: Finally! Now you can configure the button layout however you prefer! Only available for keyboard though, but gamepad customization support is on its way! For now, we still recommend using an xbox controller.
  • How to play: A new menu option to show some of the basic moves you can perform! For those who, for some reason, don't try every possible button combination as soon as they start playing (I guess those people never rented cartridges from the videostore!).
  • Extra Checkpoint: We’re adding a Checkpoint (or "quick save") system, after analyzing feedback from gameplay videos. There's only one now, between the Mud Apocalypse and Cybolab areas, but that's literally the hottest spot!

With this we should be covering the most pressing issues with the beta demo, and we're sure it will make your experience smoother! Still, if you managed to finish the demo before these changes, let us know so we can congratulate you!

WARNING: You MUST start a NEW GAME for this version ( 0.8 )! Older savegames could crash the game.

(Win64 Demo 0.8) MediaFire -

(Win32 Demo 0.8) MediaFire -

WASD keyboard update + Continue screen


We have a new update!

We replaced the old "Game Over" screen with a Continue screen, so you can go back quicker from death to gameplay again!

We also changed the keyboard configuration to WASD controls.Xbox360 Controller is still the supported and recommended way to go, though!

  • Movement: WASD Keys
  • Jump / Accept: K key
  • Attack / Return: I key
  • Pet Attack: O key
  • Start / Pause: Spacebar

The next update should be customizable inputs, so if you're still uncomfortable with the layout or preferred using arrow keys, please have a little patience and we'll get you covered!

Also, don't forget to check our post on about some of the special moves you have from the start!

(Win64 Demo 0.7) MediaFire -

(Win32 Demo 0.7) MediaFire -

Beta Demo is out!


Do you like 16-bit sidescrollers? how about slashing monsters, robots and aliens? Some gore and attack combos? Then check out our demo for LVL99: AxeRage, a game all about brute force, retro challenges, and fighting! The demo itself is free to download, and if you like it, please share with your action platformer-loving friends! If you really like it, any donation is appreciated and very useful to us to continue development!

This version is for Windows 64 bits only, and currently, the game can only be played with Controllers, like Xbox or PS3 ones.

[UPDATE 09/04/17: Keyboard support + Win32 version added!]

(Win64 Demo 0.6) MediaFire -

(Win32 Demo 0.6) MediaFire -