Retro Action Platformer

Inspired by Megaman X, Castlevania, Street fighter, and B Movies!

Fact Sheet


  • U.O.M.U. (Union of Master Uomu)
  • Santiago, Chile

Starting Date:

  • First concept art and game ideas around 2010
  • Actual development started around October 2015

Release Date:

  • Currently in development


  • PC (for now)




LVL99 AxeRage is a 2D Action Platformer inspired by 80's and 90's movies and video games, when action was bloody, 16-bit pixel art was king, and gameplay was frantic and unforgiving.

You take the Axe as Cheins, a renegade firefighter who will battle tirelessly against several apocalypse scenarios unleashed by Aliens, with enemies like Zombies, Mutant Monsters, Evil Robots and more. Your mission is to annihilate every threat to the planet through brute force!

Along the way, Cheins will be helped by ancient Selknam Deities from Tierra del Fuego, who will provide him with supernatural abilities; and a Radioactive dog, Blaster, rescued from alien experimentation facilities and imbued with mutant powers.

The gameplay focuses on close combat, with a diverse array of moves like Axe uppercuts, Slides, Dive Kicks, Special moves; and Old-school platforming with jump, dash, backflips and exploration, ultimately trying to combine the best from the Arcade / SNES / Genesis era.


  • 16-bits aesthetic reminiscent of 90's 2D games
  • Platforming combat with a huge array of attack moves to engage enemies
  • Chain combos to fill your RAGE meter, and unleash devastating special attacks
  • Exploration-based stages with save rooms, unlockable paths, upgrades and secrets
  • Intense soundtrack inspired by Retrowave music
  • Focused on classic gameplay, no gimmicks

Origins of Level99

The game started with a simple question: "What if all apocalypses happened at the same time?"

A silly idea commented with a group of friends in College ended up growing into concept art, gameplay ideas, handwritten level designs and more, but real life jobs and studies made it very hard to make those ideas real. It wasn't until 5 years later, in 2015, when 2 people from the original group were in between jobs and found the time to animate and program the first sprite of LVL99, just a walk cycle.

After that, we began developing the game in our breaks, and our objective was to re-live the feelings of old-school videogames, the difficulty of not being sure what to do and where to go, along with the satisfaction of figuring things out just by playing.

The same process could be said of the development of the game and ourselves, as a team; where we just started working without being 100% sure about what we're doing and how should we do it, but with an immense love for retro videogames and awesome challenges.

Recently we released the first public beta demo, and we hope people who loved games like Megaman X, Metal Slug, or Metroidvania games, can try it and enjoy it.

Gameplay Trailer

Opinions + gameplay trailer


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