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Steam announcement:

The price Issue and other stories


We launched the game on Steam, but we ran into unexpected trouble. Here's a extract from the Steam Community ( you can read the whole post here ) :

[ First of all, thanks for visiting our store page. We are glad there's still interest and appreciation for retro style action games, which are making a big comeback on these last years!

Now, we'll address the unfortunate mistake we made on the pricing, which most of you have addressed on your feedback.

First of all: Since we just launched the game, we need to wait until end of the month (March 1) to be able to decrease the price on the US, EU and UK regions. That's the option Steam is giving us.

Needless to say, we agree that the game is overpriced on those regions. This is absolutely our fault, as rookie developers, we let steam automatically decide the prices for other countries, based on the original price on our country (Chile). In the end, that automatic conversion added too much. We'll fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can add us to your wishlist so you can get notified when we finally can update the price!

As for the Finished Release price, we've also reconsidered it and edited the "Early Access" text to accommodate for that. One of our biggest expectations for releasing the game early on steam, was user feedback, so we're happy to accept it and evolve with it when needed. ]

LVL99 AxeRage: Available on Steam Early Access!


It has been a long way up until now! For us, this marks both an end and a beginning of the first stage into our journey as developers. We hope you enjoy the current results of our work, and stay with us during the rest of the road, because there's still much to do before the game is completed.

We look forward to your support and feedback, but enough talk! Have at you!

LVL99 Axe Rage is a mix of platform games from the SNES era, inspired by 80's movies, low budget Z films, and old-school anime.

The protagonist, Cheins, is a Renegade Firefighter who must face a global necromantic alien invasion, using only his axe, his fury, and his friend, the radioactive feral dog Blaster.

The platform gameplay consists not only of moving and jumping, but Cheins also possesses a variety of other complex combo movements, ranging from parries (perfect defense), to devastating uppercuts, heavy attacks, dropkicks and others. The only way to overcome the alien threat is to master these skills and advance beyond the looming menace of brutal death.

- U.O.M.U.

Update regarding the Indiegogo campaign


If you've been following our media, you should know by now that our indiegogo campaign wasn't successful.

Even if we went in with high hopes, we were also prepared for this case, and talked plenty about what should we improve as a team and in the game itself.

Fear not, though! LVL99 Axerage will continue despite the lack of funding, and you can still download and play the latest version! But our schedule will definitely be pushed back, at least while we gather some funds to keep working.

In the meantime, we're also looking forward to work as a team on smaller games, something we can finish in a shorter time and build a library of projects that reflect our love for old school games, pixel sprites and hard gameplay.

If you want to be up to date on the development of LVL99 AxeRage, or want to check out the new projects we might work on, follow us on our social networks and let us know your thoughts there!

- U.O.M.U.

U.O.M.U. Team