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Glad you chose to come here, you clearly want to start making things happen in your life.

It's easy to feel lost and overwhelmed when looking for methods of self improvement and health. There are so many ways, so many paths to choose. You don't even know enough to know how to choose. And after you choose, how can you be sure it will provide results for you. Results you want anyway. And if it's successful how will you continue your growth and success as you grow?

The principle to learn here is…

"Do whatever works"

Sounds overly simplified right? It is true however, that there are infinite ways (or techniques) of accomplishing any goal. Don't let this discourage you, all you need is to be open to increased AWARENESS so you can see more clearly those PRINCIPLES that will work for YOU. Use only the techniques that really resonate with you and your current comfort level and you'll see success more rapidly. No wasted time or energy chasing the wrong methods, Time and energy are precious resources in today’s world, you want a simple effective and efficient means to reach further than you thought you could quickly. Every moment wasted, is time or energy that could have been directed towards your goals.

"All you need to master are Awareness Principles"

If you open yourself to what is offered here at Awareness Principles you will maximize your learning and open a world of discovery that will last the rest of your life! So stop trying to master innumerable concepts only to realize you could have saved time and energy and achieved your goals in a fraction of the time, and with energizing boosting effects rather than energy sapping.

All you need to master are Awareness Principles. Take the basic Awareness Principles class.

I've been helping people just like you (if you are aged 5 - 80) make trans-formative change.

Before you Let's begin with my methodology and approach in teaching...

I learn to teach & teach to learn

Meaning, when I learn something new, it is with the understanding that I will share that learning with others. In fact, when I learn something new to me, it is with the intent of fully experiencing it; mentally, spiritually and physically, so that I can immediately translate that learning into something useful for others.

After being exposed to the simplicity of breaking learning topics down into the principles that they are comprised of, I found that those principles would help me explain the learning in any number of ways. Thus, making it effective not only for myself but those around me seeking the same knowledge. The principles also allowed me to shorten the time necessary to teach/learn.

I prefer a straightforward and fun approach to learning. Lots of play or exploration and laughter, keeping things light especially the serious stuff. It seems the more serious the topic the easier it is to be lighthearted and energetic when teaching it. It works for me, and I prefer to teach that way too.

The ideal learning method that seems to work best for most of us is:

- 15 minutes of teaching and sharing

- followed by 45 minutes of fun exploration "play"

Anything more than that and you run into one version of the "Full Cup" syndrome. After years of teaching complex computing & networking concepts or business process improvement and project management principles to everyone from 5 year olds to 80 year olds, mom & pop and fortune 500 companies, it became real apparent that we each have a limited amount of new learning we are able to take in, in one sitting. Then our cup becomes full, and no amount of pushing can add to a cup that's already spilling over.

Understand that no amount of learning can be shoved into your head, you must make yourself a willing learner. Until you have opened up to the idea that you can receive new ideas the learning won't happen. Once you do though, nothing can stop you from learning, even bad teaching and boring techniques.

There's another "Full Cup" syndrome, the one where you come into training with a cup that is already "Full". Full of life's hassles (work pressure, distress from family or friends, new stress from strangers or fighting bureaucracy etc.), even your own bias to learning a topic or from a particular teacher or by a new method.

Regardless, when the "cup is full" no matter how it becomes full there's no method of learning that will be effective. So get in the habit of "Dumping" your Full Cup, to receive new learning fully. How can you dump it? Generally doing something 180 degrees different from what your are learning is the best way. For example, do something physical if the learning is by reading or lecture. Read a book or listen to music, if you are about to do something physical like martial arts or other physical exercise. Spiritual learning coming your way? Try eating a healthy meal and drinking clean, clear water to fully immerse your awareness in your physical self.

Try to keep these principles in mind throughout your awareness learning here and anywhere else you learn. You'll be amazed at how you can create your own positive learning environment. Then take time to watch others who haven't emptied their cups and opened to the awesome learning opportunity they are about to experience. It's one of the benefits of increasing your awareness, you immediately see those who lack increased awareness and wonder how you could ever have been like that. Don't worry, we are always unaware of something, and it won't be long before you find something else to increase your awareness of. Instead of being a pompous ass about it, try using the principles that are now clear to you to help those others expand their awareness. It's hard to deny that we are here on earth to learn and share that learning with others. What other explanation of life is there?