Classes, Workshops, 1 on 1 mentoring


Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn...

  • Core Values
  • MindMapping
  • Memory Lessons
  • Technology skills
  • True Math


    • Movie Nights
    • Discussion Sessions

"Connected" Business

  • 21st Century Marketing
  • Connecting with clients
  • Technology isn't evil


Health vs. Fitness

The Body Inside-Out

  • Mindful Eating & Shopping
  • Russian-Based Health & Self Defense lessons


Leading a Spiritual Life

  • Spirit Doll Workshops
  • Sewing / knitting / Crochet
  • Reiki Shares & Training
  • Other Subtle Energy Work
  • Relationships & Reprogramming

Become more AWARE...



It's easy to feel lost and overwhelmed when looking for methods of self improvement and health. There are so many ways, so many paths to choose. You don't even know enough to know how to choose. And after you choose, how can you be sure it will provide results for you. Results you want anyway. And if it's successful how will you continue your growth and success as you grow?

The principle to learn here is…

"Do whatever works"

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