AVSS Show Team


How do I start showing?

Talk to your trainer. They will give you information about what classes might be a good starting place for you.

How do I sign up?

There is a sign up board next to the lessons in the front of the arena. Write your name and put an “X” under any and all shows you’d like to attend. There is also a Google Sheet sent out one week before the horse show to solicit anyone else who would be interested in showing.


What horse will I ride?

That depends. If you lease a horse, you will be given priority on that horse. Otherwise, it will depend on what horse is available and appropriate for you and the division.

Can I jump in the show?

This will depends on two things: 1.) What you are working on in your lessons and if you are ready to jump in a horse show. 2.) Riders who would like to jump in a horse show are strongly encouraged to have a lease. Otherwise, the ability to show over fences will not be guaranteed.


What if I change my mind and decide not to show?

For away shows, because we prepare the trailer and horse assignments based on who has decided to show, we ask for a 48 hour cancellation notice. Any trailer reservations not cancelled within 48 hours will be charged full shipping and coaching fees. For a home horse show, any reservation not cancelled within 24 hours will be subject to coaching and lease fees. Horse assignments and entries must be finalized ahead of time.

What division will I show?

That will depend on where you are riding in your lessons. It is generally recommended that you are practicing/ lessoning 1-2 levels above where you would like to show.

What is the difference between a class and a division?

A division is made up of 3 or 4 classes. Over fences divisions have 3 over fence classes and one flat class. Flat only divisions, like walk and trot, only have 3 classes. Each class is judged and riders can earn a ribbon for that class as well as a Champion or Reserve Champion ribbon for the division.


How much does it cost for membership?

• USEF Rider Membership $80

• USHJA Rider Membership $85

CHJA Rider Membership $45

CHJA Horse Membership $20

• CHSA Rider Membership $35

• CHSA Horse Membership $25

• NEHC Horse Membership $10

NEHC Rider Membership $30

Marshall and Sterling Rider Membership $40


What do I need to wear?

• Tall boots (polished for shows)

• Paddock boots and garters (12 years and under)

• Show jacket

• Show shirt- no zipper front

• Tan breeches

• Black or brown belt

• Hair tucked into helmets with a hairnet

• Bows and braids (riders 12 years and under)

• Show pad

• AVSS Team attire (optional but encouraged)


Coaching ($100-200)

Lease: (Varies: $75-$150,

Shipping: (Varies: $110-200)

Class Fees: ($25/class $40/medals)