AVBC Youth Team

Bump, Set, SPIKE!

Welcome to the AVBC Youth Site:

We begin EVERY practice with a group cheer so everyone remembers to "BE SAFE & BE RESPECTFUL".

Our Practices are structured in 3 segments:

  • Warm up, stretching, agility & strength training
  • Volleyball skills development: passing, setting, serving, spiking, blocking, digging
  • Volleyball Rules, Strategy, Sportsmanship & Leadership: through scrimmaging

Our challenge as Parents & Coaches is to help our Children realize their Potential.

Our job is to help them Realize that they are STRONGER than they think by challenging and stretching their comfort zone.

Our goal is for your children to be INSPIRED and take the COURAGE to CHALLENGE themselves. To STRETCH and GROW. To BELIEVE that YES THEY CAN!

At AVBC, we are BUILDING CHARACTER through Sports.

We promote a philosophy of not only training hard but training SMART.

That starts with the Coaches building drills that not only increase the volume of touches but also improve the quality of those touches.

We challenge players to stay focused and alert by keeping their eyes on the ball at all times and moving to an advantageous and efficient position accordingly.

And occasionally, we will DISCIPLINE players who require reminders on acceptable sportsmanship.

We are building a POSITIVE environment and seek to have your children leaving ENERGIZED with a POSITIVE mindset.

Eugene Shen (Director & Head Coach of Youth/Juniors)

  • Coach Eugene is an USA Volleyball IMPACT Certified Instructor. He has over 30 years experience in volleyball having played varsity in high school and leading multiple teams to intramural championships. He has been involved with AVBC since the fall of 2014 when he first brought his son to the Youth clinic and began as a parent volunteer. The following year, he served as Head Coach of the Club Team in the 2015-16 SCVA season. He is now serving as the Director of the Youth/Juniors Academy and will lead both the 4:30-6:00pm and 6:00-7:30pm sessions as Head Coach.
  • His day job is in the financial sector as a managing director in private equity. He received his bachelors of science from U.C. Berkeley & his MBA from UCLA. Go Bears & Bruins!